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It is the year 20,136. Humans have left the dying earth for the stars, establishing colonies on many planets. From the earliest colonies demihumans have appeared, known as elves, dwarves and halflings. Humanity has just securred a lasting peace with the space faring orcs, and the federation is just begining to look towards the new threats on the furthest frontiers of space.


Humans: humans are the most numerous people in the federation. A naturally psychic race, humans have little ability to channel magic, leading them to develop technological devices.

Dwarves: coming from the early colinizations of high gravity planets, the dwarves have developed imunities to many hazards, including supernatural energy.

Elves: elves originate on planets overrun with magical energy, and so changed in order to be able to channel it better. They love to hunt, and so have gained poweress with bows.

Gnomes: created by the halflings as a way to use magic as defence, gnomes are able to channel magic with ease. They are surpressed by halflings as so to avoid them taking over their society.

Halflings: descended from humans who landed on worlds full of dangerous wildlife. They became shorter and more agile, becoming hunters and doctors in order to defend their comunities.

Orcs: orcs are a race from a long destroyed homeworld, using supernatural powers and brute force to bully any they come across into submission.


Barbarians: even in the future there are those who live by the philosciphy that the strongest rule and the weak die. They are most commonly orcs.

Doctors: Doctors are medical professionals, able to keep men in fighting condition.

Heretic: Heretics are those who bargin with forgotten gods for dark powers.

Psions: psionics is a rare gift that only appears in humans, halflings and orcs with any regularity. Psions are trained to tap into this energy from early childhood, ripped away from their families and striped of emotions.

Psychic warriors: psychic warriors are specialist soldiers trained by the federation. They battle powerful foes, and are never thrown away.

Rangers: rangers are spcialist scouts and trakers, able to locate opponents over half a planet. Rangers commonly train with rifles and sidearms in order to protect thenselves.

Rogues: rogues fill the same roles.

Soldiers: soldiers are the replacement for fighters, skilled with a gun.

Sorcerers: some peoplle have a natural ability to channel magic. The rest is self explanitory. Only elves, gnomes and orcs can become sorcerers.

Soulknives: only orcs are dumb enough to becomesoulknives. usaully.

Wilders: psionic indivinduals who have talents that manifest spontaneously. Anyone could be a wilder, but powers normally manifest during puberty.

Wizards: as sorcerers, but anyone with enough discipline can become one after years of study.

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