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Active Characters

Baron's Bazaar Sandbox

  • Veyr, Human Beguiler and Con-Man
    • Wink, his Weasel Familiar

Expedition to Castle Greyhawk

Round-Robin DM Game

War of the Burning Sky

Inactive Characters

Age of Warriors Playetest: Champion of the Gods



Broken Wheels

  • Aghihoti, Planewandering Bhuka Urth-Priest

A Bunch of Misfits

Den of Thieves

  • Aleister, Human Conjurer and Occultist

Diablo II Hack'n'Slash

Exavian's Pathfinder Game

  • Chance, Human Rogue and master of accents

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Auspicious Portents

Five Shards

  • Jin, Human Warlock

Harbingers of Dawn (Exalted)

  • Caran Eru, Night Caste Solar Gunslinger

The Harsh Sun

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Into the Third Age

It's a Weird World



Magic and Myth, Steam and Steel - The Fey Team

Magnus Ereuba

Masters of Artifice

The Middle Kingdom

Murder of Crows

The Mystery of Redwater Bend

New Kurn

Operation: Peacemaker

Points of Light (4e)

Primal World

Red Hand of Doom

Sounds of Fortune

The Snow Prison

The Sun's Going Out

The Things That Lie Beyond

Tome Game

Various Adventures of the Vitroudian Wilderness

  • Cuianarante, Human Singer of the Dragonsong and Lover of the Truespeech

Sheets in Progress

Homebrew Sample Characters

The Bound

Midnight Occultist

The Shadow of a Murder

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