The Desert of Lost Souls

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The Desert of Lost Souls is a desolate, deadly place, where the black sands stretch infinitely beyond the horizon and everything, from the smallest of dunes to the ground beneath your feet, houses a being of pure terror the likes of which should never be described. The winds are cool, but sap your strength as fire burns paper, but the most dangerous aspects are the massive worms that silently stalk the sands.

The Desert of Lost Souls has the following traits:

· Normal gravity.

· Flowing Time (1 day is equal to 12 hours on the material plane)

· Highly morphic. The Desert changes randomly, which is only exacerbated by the winds.

· Minor Negative-Dominant, with 1D4 nonlethal damage per round instead of lethal

· Mildly neutral-aligned.

· Enhanced Magic: All magic is treated as both Enhanced and Quickened (as having Enhance Spell and Quickened Spell)

· Impeded Magic: Strongly aligned spells must succeed a spellcraft check or act as wild magic with a random damage-causing element.

Survivors of this plane occasionally speak of a massive, shining fortress made of pure silver that moved away from them with every step they took. It is likely that people have died horribly in pursuit of this strange dome.

The aforementioned worms are similar to (and treated as) purple worms, though they are, in fact, black colored and counted as aberrations rather than magical beasts. Other than them, there are no known living residents of the Desert.

The Desert is, however, populated by dilute numbers of wraiths. While it is unknown why they are here, anyone who actually dies in the plane immediately becomes a dread wraith. The very concept that this place is some kind of afterlife… Is terrible to even consider.

The wraiths attack on sight but rarely stray far to pursue you.

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