Sword and Board

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Sword and Board

Abjuration [Force]

  • Level: Swordmage 1
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Self and Melee Attack
  • Duration: 1 round
  • Spell Resistance: No

Reaching up as if grasping the air, suddenly the Swordmage's hands are filled - with a translucent sword in one hand, and a glowing plane of force in the other. In one simple motion, the Swordmage follows through with his sword-stroke, and pivots back into a defensive position behind the shield as the sword disappears.

With this Incantation, a Swordsage creates a Masterwork Longsword and a Masterwork Heavy Shield of pure Arcana, and makes a single melee attack with the sword. He retains the shield until his next turn, gaining a +2 Shield bonus to AC for the round. This shield is weightless and does not encumber him, and even momentarily dissipates during following attacks should it get in the way; he takes no penalties of any kind for having the shield, and no further actions on the Swordmage's part can remove the AC bonus. The shield is also made from Force, which makes it effective against incorporeal attacks, but the sword is not.

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