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Generally speaking, every feat published by Wizards of the Coast for D&D 3.5 and many, many additional ones from 3rd party publishers can be used with Serpents and Sewers. With the exception of those who can't, mostly because they refer to classes or abilities which doesn't exist in Serpents and Sewers, like activator levels or spell slots. Feats from other sources than Core books can be chosen, but sometimes they need a certain adjustment or fine tuning; non-core feats should be okayed by the GM before they are picked. The same stands true for the feats from any third party publishers. In addition, the homebrew includes a small selection of additional feats.


New Feats

Animal Companion

See the Wild Cohort Feat[1]. This feat is not limited to wild animals and is most common among Paladins and other mounted warriors.

Calculating Tactician

Prerequisites: INT 13+, the Command ability Instead of passion and motivation, your strength as a leader is based on cold calculation and ratio. You may use your Intelligence bonus instead of your Charisma bonus to determine the effect of the commander’s class abilities. The range bonus is still based on your Charisma bonus, though.

Continuous Training

Prerequisites: Magical Powers, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks When you Multiclass outside of your Spellcasting class, you can still increase your personal energy control pool, but only equal to your key ability bonus. So a wizard with Intelligence 19 who take a class level in Alchemist may still increase his energy pool by +4. This feat feat only increases the energy pool but do not grant any other class features, like additional spells or an improved energy control. Normal: A multiclassing spellcaster gains no spell points when he takes class levels in another class.

Experienced Spellcaster

Prerequisites: Basic Energy Control, 5 Ranks in Concentration, Skill focus (Concentration) You are used to cast even in a combat situation, allowing you to take 10 on concentration checks for spellcasting, allowing you to circumvent the risk of magical backlash.


The Character has a familiar, a small and extremely intelligent animal or similar small creature. This Feat works like the Familiar class feature. The Famliliar’s abilities and traits are distributed according to the character level.

Greater Magical Powers

'Prerequisite:´ Magical Powers You get an additional Spell Energy point for every level in a spellcasing class. The effects of this Feat work retrospectively.

Piercing Voice

You have the ability to make yourself heard, even in the loudest and most chaotic circumstances. Whenever you use an ability that is based on speech or hearing, like the sermons of a cleric or the commander’s commands, you may add 5‘ to the power’s range for every point of constitution bonus you have. For example, a commander with a Constitution of 16 may add 15’ to the reach of his commands.

Magical Powers

Prerequisites: Basic Energy Control You gain three additional spell energy points. Special: A character may gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Master of War

Prerequisites: At least one Art of War. The character gains an additional Art of War of the highest grade he has access to.

Ritual Magic mastery

Prerequisites: Advanced Energy control, 8 Ranks in Concentration, Experienced Spellcaster When you use Ritual Magic to cast a spell, you may reduce the spell's DC by additional five points and you will only half the regular time as usual.


Prerequisites: 12 Ranks in Intimidate, Skill Focus (Intimidate) When you use the Intimidate skill to demoralize an enemy, it becomes frightened instead of shaken, if the enemy’s will save fails, and shaken if the will save succeeds.

Changed Feats

Acrobatic, Agile Alertness etc.

All Feats that grant a flat bonus to two skills scale by level. For every five character levels, the bonus of those feats increases by two points. So a 20th level character with the alertness feat would gain a +10 bonus to Perception checks. Often, these feats skill bonuses do not work well with the refined skill system of Serpents and Sewers, so handle them with care.


The Toughness feat grants a character an additional level of scratches which he can absorm before additional light injury lead to full-blown wounds, and he can increase the Shock Vlaue by one point. The Toughness Feat can be taken several times.

Misceleanous Feat changes

The Wild Magic Feats do not exist. The Eschew Materials becomes a sorcerer class trait instead of a freely accessible feat.

The Dodge trait simple increases Defense without any limitations and can be taken several times.

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