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Scale Seasons


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Selunai: Goddess of light

Shau: God of the void

Hydraxus: Gods of the reptilians


Native Sketches (Scale Seasons): Drawings of the native races for perusal and comparison.

Lakhu: The lizardmen. Aggressive river-dwelling reptilians.

Caudabran (Scale Seasons): The newtmen. Meek, stealthy, and psionic, the caudabrans survive by being subserviant to the other, stronger reptilian races. Created by Shiny.

Troglodytes: An arrogant reptilian race that controls most of the underground and metal supply of the reptilians. A society of merchants & mercenaries content to profit off the other races.

Sahreet: The raptormen. Fast striders that make up in speed and cunning what they lack in physical strength.

Drazai (Scale Seasons): Smaller cousins to the sahreet, they research, experiment, and craft in their undermountain homes, traveling out into the world to learn new & exciting things. Created by JackMann.

Kobolds: "Spawned from dragon dung." One of the weakest, lowliest reptilian races. Untrustworthy, devious, and lazy, most reptilians think they're useful only as servants and slaves.

Yuan'Ti: The snakemen. A cursed race of reptilians, they are divided into castes based on how reptilian they are. The purebloods are the strongest and most reptilian of them, while the abominations are weak mutants sharing few similarities with other reptilians. Known for deviousness, treachery, and secret conspiracies against the other reptilians.

Buran: Large plated reptilians that tower over most other species. They see themselves as spiritual guides for the lesser races.

Dracotaurs: A four-legged reptilian race from the east. Strong and fast, they are known for their combat prowess and brutality.

House Rules

Melee House Rules (Scale Seasons): Two-Weapon Fighting, Claw Attacks, Bite Attacks.

Reptilian PCs: Rules for creating a PC using the Reptilian races.

Cold-Blooded: The Cold-Blooded flaw that plagues many of the native races.


Claw Weapons (Scale Seasons): Because bone isn't sharp enough...

Hydraxian Psionics & Incarnum: The role of psionics & incarnum in Hydraxian society.

Other Stuff

Lemmus Sandbox: Place to put all the stuff under construction.

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