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LA +0

Favoured Class: Special. A Ksisf may, at any given time, treat either Barbarian, Bard, or Wizard as their favoured class. They may change this at any time, having no retroactive effects.



Ksisf appear similar to humans, but their eyes have two irises. One of these irises changes colour as the Ksisf changes personas, while the other remains constant. They also have a slight mauve tinge to their skin. A Ksisf may shield their second iris colour, changing it to either their first iris colour or any colour which it can otherwise take on. This may only be maintained by making a DC 15 Concentration check, or when the Ksisf is able to take 10. Any creature familiar with this ability may choose to make a Spot check opposed by the Ksisf's Concentration check to determine whether a Ksisf is using this, although this is a gross breach of ettiquete in Ksisf society and must be concealed, by means of a Bluff check opposed by the Ksisf's Sense Motive to avoid outcry. The observing creature may choose to take any penalty on the Spot check and gain a similar bonus to the Sense Motive check, and if not actively observing then this defaults to a +/-10. Any creature not familiar with this ability makes this check passively at a -15.

Random Starting Weights and Heights

Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Ksisf, male 4'10" +2d8 120 lb. x (2d4) lb.
Ksisf, female 4'8" +2d8 85 lb. x (2d4) lb.

Random Starting Ages

Race Adulthood Babarian
Ksisf 20 years +1d2 +1d4 +2d3


Any member of this race has three personas. These personas gain access to different abilities in addition to those listed above. Note that the personalities listed are typical, and may vary, but the abilities will always be divided as noted. Each persona also has a special condition which will invariably activate it for 1d4 rounds. Whenever a Ksisf would normally be entitled to some sort of bonus due to their newly active persona, such as extra hit points bor bonus spells, these are acquired as if at the start of a new day. If a Ksisf had bonus spells from a persona and lost them, when that persona reactivates the bonus spells are regained (as long as the Ksisf has not yet slept.)

"Noble Savage" Persona

+4 Str

Utter Confidence (Ex): This persona gains +4 to all saves vs. fear effects. Savage Fury (Ex): Whenever this persona takes damage, they gain a +4 to damage and a -2 to hit next round. If the character has the Shock Trooper feat, they may instead take a -2 penalty to AC. In addition, this persona is treated as having the Power Attack feat for all intents and purposes. Activated by failing a save vs. a fear effect (the save is rerolled with the +4 from Utter Confidence).

"Ninja" Persona

+4 Dex

Catlike Grace (Ex): This persona may, once per round, substitute a Reflex save for any other saving throw that they would make (except to switch personas), with a DC of the original save +5. Impossible Agility (Ex): Whenever this persona makes a Tumble, Open Lock, Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand or Use Rope check, the amount of time required to do so or to perform the action which forces the check is reduced to the next time unit (so minutes become rounds, rounds become standard actions, standard actions become move actions, move actions become swift actions, and swift actions become free actions.) Activated by being challenged by someone else to perform any DC 20 or greater Dexterity-based check.

"Survivor" Persona

+4 Con

Hero With A Thousand Rapidly Retreating Backs (Ex): This persona gains a racial +60 to movement away from the creature within line of sight which has the highest CR. If multiple creatures within this range share the highest CR, then the bonus is gained by running from the nearest. Dishonor Before Death (Ex): This persona gains a +2 to AC, to hit, and to damage when at less than 1/3 of its maximum health. Activated by dropping to 0 hp.

"Scholar" Persona

+4 Int

Awesome by Analysis (Ex): This persona may spend one round preparing for a single roll with a key ability other than intelligence. They may add their intelligence modifier to this roll in place of the usual ability modifier. Upon Consideration (Ex): Once per round when this persona fails any skill check, they may instantly make an intelligence check with the same DC. If they succeed, they may reroll. This ability only permits one reroll per check. Activated by the prescence of at least two dozen books that this persona has never read.

"Philosopher" Persona

+4 Wis

Deep Meditation (Ex): If this persona is active when the character goes to sleep, all benefits are as if the character had slept for double the time, no penalties are taken to Listen checks for being asleep, and this persona is active on waking. if this persona has not slept since it was last inactive, it gains a +2 insight bonus to hit, AC and damage. Clarity (Ex): Whenever this persona would be caught flat-footed, there is a 50% chance that it is not. Activated by having line of sight to someone who this persona does not regard as an enemy, with whom this persona has not conversed in the last 24 hours and who has a Wisdom score of no less than 12.

"Talker" Persona

+4 Cha

Let's Talk About This (Ex): This persona may always take ten on diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate rolls. Smooth Talker (Su): This persona may, once per hour, cast a Glibness spell on itself as a swift action. Any creature observing this swift action is immune to the effects of this Glibness if they beat the Ksisf's Bluff check with an opposed Sense Motive check. Activated by succeeding on a Bluff, Intimidate or Diplomacy check.

Determining Active Personas

When a Ksisf wakes up in the morning, the active persona is randomly determined. Therafter a check must be made every hour to see whether a new persona takes over. Every persona rolls a d20 and adds the number of waking hours since they were last active, with the active persona getting +10 to the roll. The winner becomes the active persona. A persona may never give up their control willingly unless they succeed on a DC 20+character level Will save as a full-round action, or DC 15+character level if doing so would immediately increase survival chances drastically. Whenever a Ksisf switches personas except by the special activation condition they become dazed.


Any given Ksisf body always has five names, one for each persona, one common name, and a family name. When introducing themselves, a Ksisf will give their common name, their persona name, and finally their family name. They will also state their other persona names, usually in something approaching the following format: "Greetings. I am [a] [b] [e]. I am also [a] [c] [e] and [a] [d] [e]. It is pleasant to meet you." In non-Ksisf compoany, they will usally chose one set, or omit the persona names entirely. This set, if including a persona name, will usally belong to the diplomat persona, but exeptions are rife in modern Ksisf culture, and there have even been occasions of all three personas adopting a single name.

Normative Ksisf life/society

Ksisf socitey is divided into six primary groups, with each one coresponding to a single normative persona. These groups are usually physically segregated, about 60% of any given persona being with its own kind, although there is no taboo or law per se against mingling. Ksisf live in cities usually, with country Ksisf being extremely unusual and regarded as not being quite right in the head by normal Ksisf. A given city will have seven semi-distinct sections surrounding the central building, known as a hipai or senate. Every day elected senators gather in the hipai and debate and vote on any important issues. Every month the senators elect a peirjun or head, who is nothing more than a senator with control over the agenda. Finally, every year one-third of the senators are subject to reelection, with the same persona of each member of the populace having a vote every three years. This means that every senator is elected for three years by one persona type. The first six sectors tend to be the "living areas" of one base persona, while the seventh is reserved for other races. This area is unique in that it lacks either a connection to the gates or the hipai; it is reasonably large, but is barred on all sides by the "noble savage" persona area. Despite this, the Ksisf as a race tend to be reasonably courteous, and there is no law (except in a few isolated enclaves) preventing the free movement of and trading with foriegners.

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