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Necromancy [Art, Darkness, Evil, Mind-Affecting]

  • Level: Swordmage 3
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Ranged attack
  • Duration: Instantaneous and 1 round/5 levels (see text)
  • Saving Throw: Will half and Will negates (see text)

Whirling the sling in a tight circle, the Swordmage lets fly the bullet of condensed shadow. It strikes its target squarely, and the eyes of the Swordmage's foe become black as pitch.

The Swordmage makes a single ranged attack with a +1 Unholy Sling. If the attack hits, the target takes 1d4 Vile damage per level, to a maximum of 10d4 Vile damage at 10th. In addition, the target is blinded for the duration of this Incantation. A successful Will save halves the damage and negates the blinding.

If the Swordmage has activated at least two other Incantations with the Art descriptor in this round, the save DC increases by 2, and the Blindness persists for a number of rounds equal to the Swordmage's charisma modifier or the original duration, whichever is longer.

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