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The Bag of Beans is a terrific magical item that has a variety of effects. The bag is constructed of heavy cloth, and is about 2 feet wide and 4 feet long. A character who opens it will find several large, pebble-like objects inside. If spilled out of the bag, they explode like fireballs, each cast by a tenth-level wizard.

For save removal, the beans must be taken from the bag by hand--telekinesis and similar spells simply make the affected bean explode as normal, while tools can't grasp the beans. If planted and watered, each bean "sprouts" a creature or object. A bag of beans typically holds 3d4 beans, though some have been found with up to 10d6.

Upon planting and watering a bean, the character makes a d% roll, and the DM should qualify the roll according to the following table. The bean "sprouts" in 1d3+1 rounds after being planted.

Roll Effect
01 10d10 toadstools grow from the ground around the planted bean. If eaten, each toadstool has a 50% chance of acting like goodberries cast by a druid of 10th level. The other 50% of the time, the eater must make a DC 30 fortitude save or die.
02 A 20' tall tree with 4d6 fruits on its branches instantly springs from the ground. When a fruit is cut, crushed, or bitten, out springs a device of some sort. Use the random table from the Robe of Useful Items (DMG-I pg. 266) for items obtained.
03 The area around the bean is affected as if by a whirlwind spell cast by a 15th level cleric.
04 The area around the bean is affected as if by a deeper darkness spell cast by a 15th level cleric.
05 A geyser of hot water erupts from the earth for 1d12 rounds, originating from the bean. All creatures within ten feet of the bean upon eruption take 2d6 fire damage plus 2d6 bludgeoning damage. Any creature within ten feet of the geyser after eruption takes 2d6 fire damage per round.
06 A pheasant bursts out of the ground and attempts to flee. It has the statistics of a hawk, but refuses to attack. If captured--but not killed--1d4 of its feathers are Quaal's Feather Tokens.
07 A geyser of water erupts from the earth for 1d12 rounds, originating from the bean. All creatures within ten feet of the bean upon eruption take 2d6 bludgeoning damage. The water becomes less forceful after the initial burst, decreasing to a mere trickle. The first person to drink from the spring decreases their age by 1d12 years. Each additional drinker increases their age by 10d12 years per drink. If this causes a player to move up into a new age category, they gain all the losses but none of the benefits. If this should increase a character beyond their maximum age, they must make a DC 40 fortitude save or die.
08 3d8 minotaur zombies claw their way out of the earth and immediately attack all living things. The zombies are immune to turning and are allowed to take run and charge actions.
09 The area around the bean is affected as if by an earthquake spell cast by a 15th level cleric.
10 A chaotic evil treant erupts from the earth and attacks the bean planter.
11 A jet of molten lava erupts from the earth, dealing 20d8 points of fire damage to anyone within 10 feet. It expands at a rate of 5' per round to a maximum of 40', and then it begins to cool. Anyone caught in the lava takes 10d8 points of fire damage per round.
12 Gases erupt from the ground within an area 60 feet in diameter around the bean. Creatures within the area must make a fortitude save or roll a 1d4 and suffer the appropriate effect. On a roll of 1, the character gains 1d4 hit points permanently. On a roll of 2, the character loses 1d4 hit points permanently. On a roll of 3, the character contracts a form of lycanthropy (DM's choice). On a roll of 4, the character contracts mummy rot.
13 The bean casts Summon Nature's Ally as it sprouts, choosing a summoned creature randomly. Each round thereafter, it increases the level of the summon spell by one step, so on the second round it casts Summon Nature's Ally II, and on the third it casts Summon Nature's Ally III. After nine rounds, the bean turns into a garnet worth 4d6x100 gp. The summoned creatures are permanent, cannot be banished, dealt with via Diplomacy or Handle Animal, or turned, and guard the bean at all costs.
14 The area around the bean is affected as if by an incendiary cloud spell cast by a 15th level wizard.
15 A pair of gigantic hands appear--a Bigby's grasping hand and a Bigby's clenched fist. Each attacks or holds immobilized a random target within 90 feet of the bean for 12 rounds. During the 12 rounds, the bean turns into a diamond worth 8d8x100 gp, but turns into a piece of coal at the beginning of the 13th round unless it is dug up by then.
16 Fast-growing roots erupt from the ground as an entangle spell cast by a 15th level cleric, except the spell lasts for 10d8 hours.
17 A pit with a 40' radius opens beneath the bean. It is 10d10 feet deep.
18 A tunnel opens in the ground in a 10' radius above the bean. It is 4d10 feet deep. If entered and explored, it leads into a sewerlike area. The opening is acually a long-distance gate leading to a locale (extraplanar or not) of the DM's discretion. In 1d100 rounds, the gate closes, potentially stranding the characters in the new locale.
19 A simulacrum of the bean planter (sans equipment, clothing, and other gear), rises from the ground. The duplicate initially joins forces with the bean planter, but 2d10 days later decides to venture off on it's own.
20 An Apparatus of Kwalish (DMG-I pg. 247) digs out of the ground. It is operated by a single hobgoblin who is hostile to the players.
21 Anything within a 100' sphere of the bean is struck by a transmute rock to mud spell. The effect ends after 2d4 rounds, effectively entombing anything within the area.
22 What appears to be a sphere of annihilation rises from the ground. It chases anything that moves, going for the closest target before all others. It moves at a speed of 45' on initiative count 1. Upon touching a target, it disappears. The touched target gains the benefits of the spell chasing perfection for the next twenty-four hours.
23 A clear pool of water, 5' deep and 15' in diameter, rises from the ground. A large water elemental (MM-I pg. 100) rises from the water. The bean planter may ask one question and receive an answer as though affected by a vision spell cast by a 15th level wizard. If no question is asked in 2d4+1 rounds, the water elemental calls forth two more large water elementals which immediately attack.
24 A stone statue in an exact replica of the bean planter in his current state erupts from the ground. At its feet is a plaque. When read by anyone but the bean planter, the plaque insults and belittles the bean planter. When read by the bean planter, it only extols virtues. A true seeing spell can see through this effect, though little short of Mordenkainen's disjunction can remove the magic from the plaque.
25 A female arm erupts from the earth, bearing an impressive sword of random type. The sword can only be taken by the bean planter, after which the arm descends back into the earth. If the planter is a paladin, the sword is a holy avenger that grows with him as a legacy weapon would. Otherwise, the sword is simply a +1 weapon.
26 A meteor strikes the site of the planted bean in 1d4+1 rounds. Anyone within 30 feet at the time of impact must make a DC 35 reflex save. Those who are successful on their reflex save take 15d10 points of damage. Anyone who fails the reflex save takes 30d10 points of damage and must make a DC 50 fortitude save or die.
27 A bush covered in 4d8 fire seeds (acorn grenade type) sprouts from the ground. These acorns last for three hours. After an hour, the bush ignites in flame, turning entirely to ash within the space of one round. Any acorn left on the bush at that point explodes as if thrown.
28 A devourer (MM-I pg. 58) rises from the earth. It is only visible to the planter and immediately attacks. It will relentlessly attack until slain.
29 A wall of thorns immediately grows out of the ground, surrounding a 20' by 20' by 20' cube. Treat it as though it were cast by a 15th level cleric.
30 A beautiful begasus appears and offers to take the planter--and only the planter--to the location of his choice. If accepted, the pegasus takes the character to a random plane and then disappears. If denied, the pegasus disappears without comment.
31 An iron golem erupts from the earth and attacks all nearby living things. In its forehead are set two gems: a gem of brightness and a gem of seeing. Around its neck is a necklace of fireballs (type IV). If slain and it's chest opened, a golem manual is inside.
32 All creatures within a 40' radius of the bean are affected as if by the fly spell, cast by a 15th level wizard. After 4d4+3 rounds, all creatures who are flying due to this spell are affected as though the target of a fireball spell cast by a 15th level wizard.
33 A spirit of a prominent ancestor of the bean planter rises from the earth. If the ancestor (read: DM) deems that the character has acted according to his alignment, the ancestor gifts the character with memories. These memories effectively grant the bean planter 10,000 XP. On the other hand, if the bean planter has not been faithful, the ancestor curses the character with 2 negative levels.
34 A blue continual flame bursts forth. It is otherwise normal.
35 A huge, gaudy marble fountain, decorated with nymphs and dolphins, rises from the earth, spraing water high int othe air. 1d4+1 copper coins can be found in its basin. Taking the coins has a 50% chance of summoning a hostile elder water elemental.
36 A creeping doom spell erupts from the earth, attacking the nearest target. Treat this as the spell, as if cast by a 15th level druid. Each swarm only attacks one target.
37 An angry efreeti appears. It barters for transportation back home for 1d4+1 rounds before giving up and attacking in frustration.
38 A portable hole opens in the ground. Inside is an emerald worth 4d4x100 gp.
39 A hostile medium earth elemental burrows out of the ground. To make matters worse, the bean planter and the elemental switch consciousnesses, so that the bean planter's body begins attacking people while the planter is stuck with an elemental's body. Should either the planter or the elemental be slain, the effects are permanent. If the elemental is not slain within 24 hours, the consciousnesses of the bean planter and the elemental switch back to the correct bodies.
40 A hostile wyvern rises out of the ground. When slain, it leaves behind two sapphires worth 500 gp a piece.
41 The area around the bean is affected as if by an Evard's black tentacles spell cast by a 15th level wizard.
42 Flowers shoot up from the gournd for 360' around the planted bean. On the following round, they emit clouds of pollen. Each creature within the area must make a DC 35 will save or fall asleep. Asleep creatures are granted a limited wish based upon their dreams. Have the players describe their character's dreams without knowing the consequences, then tailor the results accordingly.
43 A young adult red dragon bursts forth from the ground, immediately attacking all creatures in the area. If slain, its heart will turn into a ruby that acts as a fully charged wand of fireballs.
44 A cloud of solid fog, 120' in diameter, rises from the earth, lasting 20 rounds or until dispersed. 1d20 rounds later, a horrid wilting effect (cast as if by a 15th level wizard) in the same dimensions rises from the ground and lasts 20 rounds. It is indistinguishable from the simple fog.
45 An enchanted heavy catapult appears. It is considered a +1 magical weapon and has double normal range. It fires by itself every other round, requiring people only to load it. The catapult also shrinks upon command to a height of 1 inch. Once per day, it can throw a ball of fire, which acts like a delayed blast fireball spell cast by a 10th level wizard and which detonates on impact.
46 A hemispherical chunk of ground, 150' in radius centered on the bean, rips itself out of the earth and floats into the sky. Characters tanding on it may be stranded several hundred feet above the ground or carried to a foreign land.
47 Nothing seems to happen. Digging up the bean reveals a gold nugget worth 50 gold. Further digging reveals the site as suitable for a full-scale mine. Unfortunately, if dug deeply enough, the mine will lead into the Underdark, which has the potential to unleash drow, beholders, duergar, and the like upon unwitting masses.
48 Nothing seems to happen. Two invisible stalkers of maximum hit points are summoned forth, which will stalk the planter until they find a good moment to steal the bag of beans. They will fight back if met with resistance.
49 A Leomund's Secure Shelter springs out of the ground. Inside are 1d4+2 trolls who consider this their home and dislike intruders.
50 A Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion springs out of the ground so quickly that all creatures within 30' take 10d10 points of bludgeoning damage from its growth. Whoever planted the bean may command the fortress's entrance to open or close. The fortress is permanent.
51 1d4+8 toads crawl from the earth. Whenever a toad is touched, it polymorphs into a random monster. Every third round, a toad will polymorph without being touched.
52 A huge tent psrings up, enclosing all creatures within 30' inside it. The tent is lasvishly furnished with velvet pillows, golden lamps, precelain vases, exotic tapestries, and pervaded with the scent of rich spices. All creatures in the tent are subject to a calm emotions spell (caster level 8th). Those failing a will save cannot leave the tent. Anything removed from the tent turns into scraps of paper, sticks, rocks, and other useless items. However, if a thief of at least 10th level successfully removes items from the tent, they remain as they are and are worth 10d10 x10 gold each. The tent vanishes after 1 day.
53 A mass of 4d6 laughing skulls, flying on bat wings, spring from the ground

and surround the planter. Their demonic laughter prevents any sleep. In order to cast a spell, the planter must succeed on a DC 25 Concentration check or the spell is lost. For each day of sleeplesness, the planter takes a -1 penalty to attack, armor class, and saving throws. The skulls cannot be attacked by any means except one, chosen by the DM. The method of destruction can be determined using divination magics. If not banished or destroyed, the skulls fly away on their own after 2d4 days.

54 The bean planter receives an unhatched dragon's egg of a random type. It hatches in 2d6 hours if kept warm and treats the planter as its mother.
55 A well springs out of the ground. It grants a wish to the first person who tosses in a coin. The well does not give out another wish until 10,000 gold (and only gold) has been tossed inside. After the second wish, it disappears.
56 A great fissure in the ground opens. It is about five feet wide and 1d4 miles deep and 10d12x100 yards in length. After 5d4 days, the fissure closes again, swallowing anything inside.
57 Mist rises from the ground and reforms itself 1d4+1 rounds later into the shape of a dragon. The dragon breathes a blast of steam and vapor in a 30' cone, which deals 6d6 damage (DC 25 Reflex save for half damage). After it breathes, the dragon-cloud dissipates. It cannot be attacked except by magical electricity, which uases the cloud to fade away while it is forming--only to reappear behind the planter 1d4 hours later.
58 A rope grows upward to aliength of 30 feet. If anyone climbs the rope, an extradimensional space is found (like a rope trick). It lasts for four hours, after which the rope expels everything from the extradimensional space and turns into a rope of climbing.
59 A beanstalk grows up into the air. If climbed, it leads to a cloud castle located in the ELemental Plane of Air.
60 A basilisk craws from the ground. Strangely, its gze attack does not turn people to stone, but instead ages them 5d10 years. The basilisk wanders away aftre 4d4 rounds if it is not slain.
61 An umber hulk digs its way out of the earth, then attempts to maim or kill as many character as it can before burrowing back into the ground 1d100 rounds later. If slain, the umber hulk changes color and utters one prophecy before turning to dust. The prophecy always comes true.
62 An entire one-story tavern pops out ofthe ground. The pub's interior is occupied by helpful unseen servants who dish out helpings of a hero's feast. This tavern remains in place for 3d4 days before vanishing.
63 An insane gynosphinx appears and atempts to devour any creatures who cannot answer its silly children's riddles.
64 Chaotic weather strikes anything within a 1d4 mile radius. The weather changes every turn for 4d12 hours. Randomly select weather types from the control weather spell table.
65 A patch of pupmkins, 40 yards square, grows instantly. The pumpkins ripen, overripen, go foul, and burst open in a matter of seconds. Everyone in the area is affect as if by a stinking cloud spell cast by a 6th level cleric. In addition, everyone affected by the stinking cloud is also affected as if by a contagion spell. However, 1d6 pumpkins do not explode: instead, they turn into animate scarecrows (treat as large Animated Objects), and attack 2 rounds after the bean sprouts.
66 The bean becomes an 18th level delayed blast fireball that explodes in 5 rounds.
67 A Tyrannosaurus grows out of the ground and attacks.
68 A squirrel runs up to the bean, digs it up, and eats it. It then locates the planter and addresses them in common. It is able to answer questions as a sage skilled in every field of knowledge (treat the squirrel as having 30 ranks in all knowledge skills). If the planter has no questions, the animal will give clues to the location a magical artifact. One hour after eating the bean, the animal reverts to normal, though it now folows the PCs wherever they go.
69 Nothing happens. At nightfall (tomorrow night if the bean is planted at night), a vampiric succubus rises from the ground. She wields a vorpal longsword and carries a rope of entanglement and imediately searches out the planter. If (and when) she finds the planter, she will kill him. She requires no coffin, staying in gaseous form for 12 turns when slain, reforming after that. To kill her, one must either turn her effectively enough to destroy her or expose her to daylight.
70 A huge eyeball 1' in diameter rises from the ground and floats 6' in the air. All who gaze upon the eye must make a Fortitude save or be transformed. Roll 1d8: on a roll of 1, the gazer turns into a statue of wax; 2, a statue of wood; 3, a statue of glass; 4, a statue of ice; 5, a statue of gold; 6, a statue of lead; 7, a statue of iron; 8, a statue of salt. This transformation can only be reversed with a wish spell.
71 Nothing happens. A box of intricate design appears in place of the bean. If it is opened, a horde of 10d10 bearded devils pour out of the box at the rate of 1d4 monsters per round. The box can only be closed with a DC 30 Strength check. If all monsters are allowed to escape the box and are slain, the opener is granted a wish, but the wish cannot undo the opening of the box.
72 A rumbling sound fills the area. One round later, a herd of elephants charges through the area.
73 A cagelike throne appears. Anyone sitting in it but the planter finds it does nothing. If the planter sits in the throne, however, they are transported to the Ethereal or Atral plane. The throne transports with them. After the initial journey, the planter may use the throne at will, but only functions for another 1d4+1 round trips.
74 The bean summonsa halfling thief of equal level of the party. He may be adopted as a PC (if there's an available player); otherwise, he becomes an NPC that journeys with the party until they reach a large city. Once that happens, the halfling steals a number of magical items of good value from the party and disappears. The PCs may pursue him, but catching him is another matter entirely.
75 A skeletal humanoid crawls out of hte ground. The skeleton has al lof the same abilities, statistcs, and posessions of the planter, and wears black clothing or armor similar to that worn by the planter. The skeleton attacks the planter and disappears with all its equipment once slain. Only spells and attacks from the planter affect it.
76 A gnome appears. He is dressed in red clothing and speaks in Common. If putset, he attacks with any of the symbol spells (except symbol of death), casting one a round and inscribed in the air. If given a magica litem that is not cursed, the gnome grants a limited wish and then vanishes.
77 A harp floats out of the ground and plays by itself, filling the ir with soft, gentle music. All within 60' must make a DC 30 Will save or succumb to a sleep, fear, or confusion spell lasting 1d8 rounds. If grabbed by someone who hasn't been affected by its ability, it ceases and turns into a harp of charming.
78 The ground in a 60-yard radius around the bean turns into shallow, oozing tar. Any creature within the tar must make a DC 25 Strength check every round to move. If successful, movement range is stil halved. On a failure, a creature may only move in 5-foot steps.
79 A hollow sphere of iron, 30 feet in diameter with the bean at its center, appears. It imprisons any creatures within that area. Note that half the sphere is underground.
80 A giant oak tree grows with 10d10 acorns made of different substances--glass, amber, chocolate, jade, etc. The value of any one acorn is no more than 100 gold. The tree grows normal acorns once all of the unusual acorns have been picked or have fallen.
81 A wall of stone appears 500' in the air, above the area where the bean was planted and starts to fall. The square wall is 3 inches thick and 20 feet on a side. A successful DC 25 Spot check will allow any underneath to see the wall or its shadow and move in time. Anyone underneath the wall when it lands 2d4 rounds after its conjuration takes 20d10 points of damage and must make a DC 45 Fortitude save or die.
82 A nest of 1d4+3 eggs springs from the gorund. Anyone eating an egg must make a DC 25 Fortitude save or die. However, if successful, the eater permanently gains one point of Intelligence.
83 A pillar of stone 30' in diamater rises from the ground and lifts all creatures in the area 100' into the aire. The pillar vanishes in 1d4+2 turns, dropping anyone still on it.
84 A imple silver circlet appears on the head of the planter. It cannot be removed, and it reduces the character level to 1. The planter retains all acquired hit points, skills, fetas, and ability scores, but is effectively a normal being. The person may assume a new profession and gains experience and levels as if a level 1 character. Once the planter meets the level he was at before he obtained the circlet, he stops gaining experience and the planter's patron deity summons them to their plane. The deity requires a great quest of the planter, as payment for the gift of the circlet. At the end of the quest, if the character is still alive, the circlet disappears forever, and the planter's original class levels return. He does not gain any benefits of advancement at this time (because he already got them earlier), but may begin collecting experience again.
85 An area 30 yards in diametre around the bean turns into a sand pit. All creatures within the sand pit must make DC 25 Reflex saves or be drawn down to its center. At the center of the sand pit is a short tunnel leading downwards that ends in a chamber containing 1d4+1 Bebiliths.
86 The bean transforms int a ball of soft light that float sup from the ground and approaches the nearest character. If the light as allowed to toucha character, each item worn must make a DC 30 Fortitude save or be transmuted into nonmagical glass. However, if the light absorbs at lesat +10 in enchantments, the character permanently adds one to all of their ability scores.
87 The planter becomes imprisoned with hte bean. Crystal balls and various divinatin spells reveal what happened ot the character. The person can be freed only with either a wish, miracle, or freedom spell, or if another being volunteers to take the planter's place.
88 The bean turns into a black gem, shooting up from the ground and embedding itself inte bean planter's forehead, inflicting 1d12 points of damage. After that, whenver the character is injured, the gem drains any charge dmagical items within 20'. For every charge drained, the character is healed for 1 hp. Only one charge is drained per round. This is not a voluntary power; it occurs whether the character wills it or not. The character's eyes turn blood red, fingernails grow long, teeth become pointed, and the planter's hair turns white. These effect can be undone with a wish or miracle, but the character is otherwise unaffected.
89 All creatures within 120 yards of the bean are affected either by an enlarge person or a reduce person spell (50% chance of either). These effects last for 12 rounds.
90 A tombstone springs up with the name of the planter engraved on it. Barring a successful DC 30 Will save, the character faings for 2d4 rounds. For 1d4 weeks afterwards, the planter has a -4 penalty to all saving throws against fear-effects.
91 The bean becomes a powerful magnet, drawing all metallic items within 60' to it. All characters in metallic armor are held paralyzed until helped out of the armor. Metallic items can be pulled out of the area of effect with a successful DC 35 Strength check. All items are considered 10 times their normal weight when inside the magnet's area of effect. The magnetic effect ends in 24 hours. The bean then turns into a onyx worth 5000 gold.
92 A disembodied, fanged mouth appears in the air 4 feet off the ground; only the teeth are visible. The mouth, which cannot be harmed, opens to reveal a small extradimensional space. Inside the space may be a huge cache of gems, several small magical items, or one powerful magical item. Reaching in to snatch items requires a DC 40 Reflex save. Failure indicates the mouth snaps shut on teh character's arm, inflicting 4d10 points of damage. Nonliving items thrust into the maw are bitten in half and destroyed. The mouth disappears in 10 rounds.
93 A rolled-up tapestry appears. Engraved within its patter is a symbol of death. The tapestry also shows a fairly accurate map to an ancient, undiscovered treasure horde. Of course, the horde is guarded as well...
94 An ogre mage suddenly appears of the planted bean and attacks the planter of bean. Besides its normal powers, the ogre mage can use any power that is used upon it. For example, it oculd cast a spell previously used against it or attack several times in one round if attacked by someone with the same ability. The ogre mage uses a greatsword +2.
95 A seemingly normal apple tree grows. It holds 1d10+20 fruit, 2d4 of which will behave as randomly determined magical potions if eaten. At least one apple is poisonous. While a perosn picks apples, branches in the tree quietly attempt to steal small trinkets from the character. The branches have a Sleight of Hand bonus of +20, and attempt to take one item per round and hiding stolen items among its leaves. If such trinkets are magical, they apply to the tree after it acquires them.
96 A small pramid bursts upward from the ground. If its simple interior is investigated, a mummy is found ,wielding a fully charged staff of necromancy and a belt of giant strength +4. If the mummy is slain, it turns into gold dust worht 1d10x1000 gold.
97 A pair of bulettes burrow out of the earth, attack and devouring as many victims as they can. If slain, each has a random magical shield as one of its back scales.
98 The area around the bean is struck by a firestorm, dealing damage as if cast by a 16th level wizard.
99 A totem pole grows 20 feet into the air. A magic moutn on the pole demands a suitable sacrifice from the planter. If a monetary gesture is given, the character is given an appropriate magical item. If magical treasure is given, the character is granted a wish that must be used within the hour. If a sacrifice is not given, the pole permanently drains two points from the character's highest ability score.
100 A dancing greatsword +3 rises from the ground and begins to strike at random targets. Though no physical attack can harm it, it is affected by magical attacks.
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