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Female Worg Druid 1

NG Magical Beast Init +3 (+3 Dex); Senses Darkvision 60ft., Lowlight Vision, Scent, Listen +9, Spot +9

Languages Common, Worg, Druidic

AC 15 (+3 Dex +2 Natural Armour), touch 13, flat-footed 12

Hp 39 (4d10+1d8+(Con Mod*5)-1*5(trait))

Fort +8 (+2 Con +4 Worg +2 Druid), Ref +7 (+3 Dex +4 Worg), Will +9 (+6 Wis +1 Worg +2 Druid)

Spd 60 ft.(50 normal base +10 base from trait)

Melee Bite +6 (+2 Str +4 BAB) 1d6+3 dam (+2 Str * 1.5)

Base Atk +4 (+4 Worg +0 Druid), Grp +6 (+4 BAB +2 Str)

Combat Options Trip, Spells

Combat Gear Nil

Abilities Str 14 (8+6), Dex 14 (10+4), Con 16 (12+4), Int 12 (16-4), Wis 23 (18+4+1), Cha 14 (14+0)

SQ Animal companion(Pepe, Wolf), nature sense, wild empathy

Traits Quick (base land speed +10 feet, -1 hp/level), Skinny (+1 Escape Artist, -2 Strength check vs Bullrush/Overrun)

Flaws Love of Nature(Must succeed DC 12 Will save before attacking any creature with animal, plant, or vermin type, or else lose action. May be attacked by animals, plants, and vermin without penalty.), Metal Intolerance(+1 damage when struck by metal weapons. Natural attacks of inevitables, iron golems, and other creatures composed of metal also deal this extra damage.)

Feats Combat Casting(Flaw Feat), Natural Spell(L 1 Feat), Run*(Flaw Feat), Spell Focus(Electrical)(L 3 Feat)

Skills Bluff 2 (N/A rank +2 Cha), Diplomacy +2 (N/A rank +2 Cha), Heal +6 (N/A rank +6 Wis), Hide +6 (2 ranks +2 Dex +2 racial), Knowledge: Arcana +4 (3(6*) ranks +1 Int), Knowledge: Nature +5 (4 ranks +1 Int), Knowledge: The Planes +4 (3(6*) ranks +1 Int), Listen +9 (2 ranks +6 Wis +1 racial), Move Silently +5 (2 ranks +2 Dex +1 racial), Sense Motive +6 (N/A rank +6 Wis), Spot +9 (2 rank +6 Wis +1 racial), Survival +8/+12 (2 ranks +6 Wis +4 racial when tracking by scent) * denotes the number of points actually spent, due to cross-classing.

Spells 3(0)/1(2)/(2)/(1)/(1)/(1)/(1)

LA +1

Equipment Nil

Hook "It doesn't feel quite natural..."

Wren was born slightly lighter than normal for a Worg. During her first year, she fell quite ill, and would have died, had a druid not come across her and fed her some herbs. As she grew older, she became more fascinated with nature.

One day, while deep in the forest looking for berries to make a poultice, she came across a wolf pup whining next to the body of its mother. A tree had apparently been split in half by a large bolt of lightning, and part of it had fallen on the mother, killing her instantly. Wren took the pup home with her, naming him Pepe. However, she could never quite shake her fascination with the sheer power of the storm.

Wren, Work in Progress

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