Winter's Breath

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Winter's Breath

Evocation [Cold]

  • Level: Swordmage 5
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Ranged Attack
  • Duration: 1 round/level
  • Saving Throw: Reflex Negates (see text)

With the tiniest of smirks playing at his lips, the Swordmage drew a single unassuming shuriken from beneath his vest. With an almost careless flick of his wrist, he let it fly. As it spun, it seemed to slice the very air around it, whipping its surroundings into a tempest. When it struck, it did so with the full might of winter's fury behind it.

The Swordmage makes a single ranged attack with a +1 Icy Burst Distance Shuriken. If it hits, the target must immediately make a Reflex save or be affected as if he failed a save against a Huge Air Elemental's whirlwind ability. In addition to the normal damage, the target also takes 2d8 cold damage each round it is within the whirlwind. The Swordmage determines the exact dimensions of the whirlwind at the time of the attack, within the normal limits.

Even if the attack misses, the whirlwind still sprouts at a nearby location. Roll as if the Swordmage had missed with a splash weapon to determine the location of the whirlwind.

Each round after the first, the Swordmage may sacrifice an attack action to move the whirlwind up to 30 feet in any direction.

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