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Venegor’s Realm is a relatively small plane located in the gap between two of the Outer Planes (it is unknown which two). It is owned and maintained by the ascended god Venegor (pronounced ven-e-gore), a chaotic good deity associated with the knowledge, protection, and healing domains. The Realm is populated by a great number of humanoid planar travelers who saw the plane and decided to remain.

Venegor’s Realm has the following traits:

· Light Gravity. In addition, gravity itself is tracked from an imaginary line about five inches above sea level (there are three seas in the Realm). Anything that is not on this geometric plane falls toward it in the same way that objects on the Material Plane fall toward the ground. In other words, objects above sea level are pulled toward the ground and objects below sea level fall away from the ground. Objects on the line tend to “juggle” for a time until finally coming at a rest on the line. Objects disturbed on this line tend to wobble for a time until coming at a rest again. Water is not affected by this line, instead being pulled toward the ground. However, there are places in the seas where the water does not enter. Oddly enough, these spaces have a mysteriously infinite source of breathable air.

· Flowing Time. Time in the Realm moves at twice the pace of time on the Material Plane.

· Alterable Morphic and Divinely Morphic. Venegor may alter his plane at a whim, though others within it can alter it manually.

· Mildly Positive Dominant.

· Mildly Neutral and Mildly Lawful Aligned.

· Quickened magic.

Venegor himself is a level 40 Elven Conjurer (30 levels of Conjurer, 10 levels of Loremaster) with a Divine Rank of 3.His familiar is an eagle named Valis. Though he is against fighting if at all possible, Venegor wields a quarterstaff and does not wear armor. There are some dangerous creatures within the Realm, though they are rarely territorial. Most local creatures are of the Animal type anyway, and those that are carnivorous seldom attack humanoids. Of course, one should not provoke such a creature at all… In addition, many metallic dragons call the Realm home. These dragons live in harmony with the humanoids, which often results in draconic bloodlines in the Realm.

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