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Homebrew by πd6

I'll post some random D&D 3.5 homebrew I make here whenever I have time.

If you've any questions or comments on any of these, please let me know (discussion page is fine).


Tome of Eldritch Supremacy - A project to revise the warlock class and support it with a system of new invocations, feats, prestige classes, etc. Currently being worked on.


Revised Races - A collection of races I revised to make them more balanced and interesting. Currently have all the PHB races done, as well as several random other races and templates.

Base Classes

Astral Stalker - A martial manifesting class which focuses on teleporting across the battlefield and getting extra attacks/damage whenever she teleports.

Blue Mage - A unique casting class which learns arcane spells directly from other spellcasters. Currently unfinished.

Red Mage - A spontaneous arcane casting class that combines the factotum's inspiration mechanic with elements of arcane and divine magic. Almost finished.

Templar - A divine-flavored martial adept class devoted to fighting magic-users. Makes use of the Sacred Might Discipline.

Alternate Class Features

Desert Crusader Substitution Levels - A crusader that sacrifices some defensive abilities for his own special mount. Originally made for the Potpourri Creation Contest.

Desert Swordsage Substitution Levels - An arcane swordsage who learns to use spells as maneuvers. Originally made for the Potpourri Creation Contest.

Desert Warblade Substitution Levels - A warblade who sacrifice some of his melee abilities in exchange for ranged maneuver use. Originally made for the Potpourri Creation Contest.

Prestige Classes

Arcane Blade of Mystra - A paladin PrC made to extend paladin casting to 6th level in a manner similar to Sublime Chord. It gains some nice abilities to fight against spellcasters too.

Child of the Seelie Court - A PrC for bards, sorcerers, and wilders taking Fey Heritage feats. Originally made for the Prestige Class Creation Contest.

Tempest Dragoon - An arcane gish PrC built around using and improving the power of Thunderlance.


Aspects of Thunder - A tactical feat that provides several new options to be used with my Thunderlance spell.

Metamagic Conversion - A feat that allows spell-like ability users (like invokers) to apply normal metamagic feats to their SLAs using progress points.

Revised Metamagic - Rewritten metamagic system that tries to make them simultaneously more useful (especially at lower levels) and less abusable. Currently unfinished.

Stylish Mounted Combat - Mounted Combat reworked as a D20r style feat which incorporates the entire Mounted Combat tree.

Truly Vile Feats - Some new and revised vile feats that aren't nearly as worthless as they currently are.

Try Your Luck - A few new luck feats I came up with. Includes some feats that allow use of factotum's inspiration points in place of luck rerolls and vice versa.

Martial Disciplines

Sacred Might Discipline - A discipline focused on defeating mages and defending against spells. Made for the Templar class but can be used by other martial adepts. All of the maneuvers inherently support ranged combat.


On the Life and Times of Edward the Sly - A collection of spells that utilize and expand the luck feat system from Complete Scoundrel. Originally made for the Potpourri Creation Contest.

Fey Spells - Several fey-aligned spells for bards and sorcerers. Originally made for the Child of the Seelie Court PrC.

Fungus Domain - A new domain for those clerics going green. Comes with some new fungus-related spells.

Thunderlance - A rewrite of an arcane spell I liked from Spell Compendium.


Fey Powers - Several fey-aligned powers for wilders. Originally made for the Child of the Seelie Court PrC.


Tempest Chant - A new warlock invocation that utilizes my revised Thunderlance spell.

Magic Items

Familiar's Den - A cheap belt that provides a nice safe home for your familiar in case of danger.

Scepter of Convergence - Rods meant to take the place of Metamagic Rods for SLA-users with Metamagic Conversion.

Weapon of Equilibrium - A weapon special ability that is the neutral equivalent of Axiomatic, Anarchic, Holy, and Unholy.


Champion Template - A template designed to make for a durable boss creature that is resistant against tactics which might otherwise defeat it quickly.

Minion Template - The opposite of the champion template, this one is intended to go on mobs of weak creatures that are relatively easy to run (no HP to track).

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