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This user account is recognized as a Bot and is operated by DragoonWraith (talk). This is a legitimate alternative account used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually. Those who have task requests for this bot can leave a message at this talk page.

DWbot is a PyWikipedia-based robot


Completed Actions
DW Oct 10, 2010: 17:56 (EST) DWbot account created and flagged as Bot.
DWb b Oct 10, 2010: 23:56 − Oct 11, 2010: 00:15 Created separate pages for each of the Swordmage's Incantations.
DWb b Oct 13, 2010: 22:21 − 22:25 Created separate pages for each of the maneuvers in Chthonic Serpent.
Planned Actions
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