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Second Totem

Requirements: Effective Totem Rank 11+, Charisma 17+, Diplomacy 6 ranks

Due to your strength of personality and renown with the spirits of the world, you are able to acquire a second totem. Choose a second totem from the list, and immediately gain any applicable abilities for it. However, your Effective Totem Rank for that totem is considered to be 10 lower than it actually is.

Totem Focus

Requirements: Effective Totem Rank 5+, Charisma 15+

You get along with your totem notoriously well, and it shows. Whenever the two of you put your minds to a task, your combined efforts have a greater result.

When determining an effect based upon your ETR, increase your ETR by 1. This does not actually increase your ETR, just how effective your totem's powers are.

Totem Manifestation

Requirements: Effective Totem Rank 7+, Constitution 13+

Your totem can manifest its presence in near-physical form when it chooses to. Your totem can act like the Hexblade's Dark Familiar (see PHB-II) in all aspects but form. Despite the size of the base creature of your totem, it does not take up a space larger than a 5-foot square. Larger totems shrink to fit proportionally.

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