Tome of Eldritch Supremacy

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Tome of Eldritch Supremacy


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The warlock suffers from being made early during 3.5's development, when the developers were very wary of at-will abilities and purposefully kept the class's abilities relatively weak. Later classes with at-will or nearly at-will abilities, like binder, dragonfire adept, and martial adepts, were give much more leeway in the power of their abilities, but the warlock was unfortunately left in the dust.

Most of the warlock's abilities aren't very powerful even though they're usable at-will, and the class also suffers from not having a clear role. The warlock can't be a utility caster, because his invocations are much weaker than spells and so he's not able to replicate many of the necessary utility spells for that role. He can't be a buffer, because invocations almost exclusively buff the warlock himself rather than his allies. He can't be the main damage dealer, because eldritch blast deals very little damage compared to melee, blasters, rogues, or even archers. He can't be a skillmonkey, because warlocks have very few skill points and little incentive to increase Intelligence. At best, he acts as some sort of hybrid of debuffer and controller, performing certain tricks over and over again and relying on Use Magic Device to make up for his shortcomings.

I've always liked the warlock despite its problems as a class, both for the flavor and for the elegance of its mechanics. Hence, I've created this rebuild of the class to solve some of its problems. Various class features such as eldritch blast, invocations, and even fiendish resilience were heavily buffed, making this class more powerful and (hopefully) more fun to play. I really wanted to open up variations of build and get the class away from the one-trick pony mentality that it previously held. Overall, I'm aiming for higher Tier 3 or Tier 2, which is the level I typically prefer to play at. Hopefully, this achieves that goal.

A secondary goal of this project is to provide more support for the warlock, so as to open up many new build options. As a subsystem, the invocations system has had very little support from 3.5 supplements, since WotC books focused primarily on core classes. I want to provide many of the same options to warlocks that core classes have, so as to enable more creative uses of the class. To that end, I have added vastly more invocation options, and I've also increased the viability of prestiging and multiclassing for the warlock. I plan on adding more prestige options, feats, alternate class features, and magic items in the future if I have time.

Source List

Occasionally, I will refer to spells or abilities from outside of Core. In those cases, use this abbreviations guide to tell the book that I am referencing:

  • BoVD: Book of Vile Darkness
  • CArc: Complete Arcane
  • CM: Complete Mage
  • PHB2: Player's Handbook 2
  • SpC: Spell Compendium
  • XPH: Expanded Psionics Handbook
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