The Warrior Returning

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The Warrior Returning

Conjuration (Healing)

  • Level: Swordmage 8
  • Casting Time: 1 immediate action

The Swordmage fell, vision blurring as life seeped from his broken body. Even he could not stand alone forever. But no, he could not die; there was too much that needed doing for him to leave this life just yet. With a surge of energy as much arcane as physical, he righted himself, turning his fall into a retributive attack.

This Incantation can only be activated when the Swordmage would fall below 0 hitpoints, even if the attack would kill him outright. He immediately regains a number of hitpoints equal to half his Charisma modifier per level. In addition, he may immediately make an Attack of Opportunity with an Incantation against the foe that last damaged him, provided he has an Incantation readied with which he could attack the foe.

Using this Incantation is extremely straining on the body. The Swordmage gains one negative level upon completion of this Incantation (including the Attack of Opportunity if it is made). This negative level never results in permanent level loss, but does not go away until the Swordmage has rested for at least 8 hours or received a Restoration spell or similar magical aid.

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