The Plane of Chaos

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The Plane of Chaos is not, in fact, an afterlife for chaotic beings, but rather a plane of pure and utter slaughterism. Every living thing born in the plane is born both Fiendish (the template) and carnivorous; even the plants eat other things. This plane is so horrid, so violent, that even followers of Erythnul are hesitant to enter.

The Plane of Chaos has the following traits:

· Normal Gravity.

· Normal Time

· Highly Morphic regarding spells. Magic pulls at the ground as though a source of gravity, resulting in a raised outline of the spell’s area of effect. Sources of magic that are not spells, such as magic items or supernatural abilities, do not affect the plane in this way. All magic affects the ground in the same way, even if sustained. Additional spells, however, may move the ground more than once in an area.

· Self-Contained Shape. The entire world is akin to an inside-out planet, with a miniscule sun in the center and clouds several miles above the ground. Despite its fascinating shape, it is impossible to tell the shape of this world from within it, as you cannot see the other side. Due to the sun’s position, it is always day in this plane.

· No Elemental or Energy Traits (specific locations may have alignment traits, however)

· Strongly Chaotic Aligned. Lawful characters take a –2 penalty to Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom based checks.

· Normal magic.

The Plane of Chaos is filled to the brim with the fiendish equivalent of every kind of creature seen on the Material Plane (assuming that said creature can be Fiendish). Unlike ordinary Fiendish creatures, however, these ones are still their original alignments (they grew this way to survive).

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