The Pit of Darkness

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The Pit of Darkness is a terrible place, inhabited only by horrid undead creatures and especially unfortunate dead people. Is it some kind of afterlife? Perhaps a dark god’s abandoned project? Maybe even the heart of a madman? No one could know. All they could know is that the plane is filled with undead air creatures and insane souls. This inkblot of reality is a hellish place. Like the Elemental Plane of Air, there is both a sky above and a sky below. Unlike the plane of air, however, this sphere-sky is pitch black. Animate beings, living or otherwise, emit a 5-foot aura of light at all times. Creatures in the distance appear as though stars. It is hard to imagine such stars being so deadly.

The Pit of Darkness has the following traits:

· Subjective directional gravity. The direction of “down” is user-defined.

· Normal Time

· Sentient. Though there are no visible features, the plane itself works to keep its victims in.

· Air-dominant.

· Minor negative-dominant.

· Strongly evil-aligned.

· Enhanced magic. Spells are treated as both quickened and empowered. If the spell has a duration, it is treated as extended instead of empowered.

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