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Medusa alchemist. Blindfolded, but can see through 3 eye stalks in her hair (vaguely beholder-ish). Sometimes snappy, sometimes courteous. Usually lurid as hell. Dating Korot.


Drow bard. When you met him, Bellflower & Astraea gave him a book on origin myths he was expecting; soon after, he was attacked by the Aristocrats, who wanted the book. Currently escaping Creol with the party.


Halfling urban druid, Irregular, friend of Alanar & R'ol's.


Dwarven wizard. Thorn's new partner.


A sorceress from Havenfar that has recruited the PCs to help her recover a treasure in a nearby spider lair. Later revealed she was actually an aranea, an intelligent shapechanging spider. Traveled to New Dallos with the PCs, Westin, and over a half-dozen orphaned aranea.


Councilman from Havenfar and friend of Arianne's. Left Havenfar with her for Verra. Has expressed interest in partnering with Megara for a new shop.


Wizard, former adventurer, leader of Verra. Knew Nu's son.


High priestess of Elistraee, Malik's fiance. Political & religious leader of the exiled drow in Verra.


Half-dragon high cleric of Bahamut. In charge of the cathedral to Bahamut in New Dallos. Knew Nu's son.

Kylie & Simon

Gnomes in charge of Tranquility, the caravel the PCs traveled to New Dallos on. Simon's a healer, Kylie's the cap'n.


Doppleganger warrior, member of a secretive Order devoted to serving those that beat them in battle. Under Callista's control, it murdered Creol's guard captain and took his place to kill the town's mayor. Pledged servitude to the PCs when they almost killed it. Quite disturbed by Megara & Astraea's advances towards him. Was recently replaced in the party by Nu.


Official investigator in Creol. Knows Megara well; there seems to be tension & respect between the two. Last seen preparing to attack the Lolthian drow saboteurs. Survived the attack on the drow saboteurs.


The Aristocrats

A revolting, lecherous group of bandits that enjoys dressing like high-society folk, beating the helpless, enslavement, and lewd insults. The PCs fought them off when they came after Julian for his book.

The PCs recently discovered they were infesting an elven mansion in New Dallos and proceeded to beat the crap out of them.


The pixies' diplomat to Verra and, in Bellflower's words, "a mean lecherous creep". Got Korot kicked out of an expensive restaurant, too. Seems to have ties to the Aristocrats. Was chased down and executed by the PCs for his involvement in cursing the drow into orcs.


Priestess of Lolth, conspirator of the drow attack on Creol. Fled from the party when they defeated the mob she riled up. Former master of Teeth.


A priest of Zarus that rubbed everyone the wrong way. Was on Tranquility until the party convinced Kylie & Simon he hated their guts and got him kicked off at Izagora.


Former lover of Galen, Zarus follower, and golden half-fiend. Tried to kill the PCs and the children they were protecting to get at a pirate treasure, but failed. Currently missing.


Former "mayor" of Havenfar; the PCs incited a revolt against him after the spider eater incident. Korot tossed him overboard in the middle of the ocean. Presumed dead.


Half-orc leader of the drow/orcs. The PCs were sent to usurp control of the drow/orcs from him before he could lead them to devil-tainted lands.

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