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No being, not even the gods themselves, know who constructed the Eternal Coliseum, though every god knows its use. Long ago, some being or force crafted a massive maze of corridors and chambers, complete with layers of structure, and sent lesser beings into it to do battle. Many gods, both known to humanity and otherwise, still send their champions into this place to do battle on their behalf. Every “participant” arrives in an ‘entrance hall’ at the outermost edge of the plane, and is told to battle their way to the center. At the center itself is a massive portal capable of sending any being to any plane it desires, thus freeing them. The distance from edge to center is 20 miles in any direction, but there is far more distance as you’re stumbling through the labyrinth. There are typically 20 chambers between the start and the end, and in these places the ‘rival’ deity (the one rooting or competing against you) places increasingly powerful obstacles of various design. Any victories made in the Eternal Coliseum grant twice the ordinary amount of XP. If you die in the Eternal Coliseum, you awaken somewhere in your home plane.

· Normal gravity in the labyrinth, though your rival dictates the gravity of the chambers

· Timeless: No matter how much time you spend in the Coliseum, you always arrive back in the same second you left. You may still lose time, however, as the plane randomly drops you in a ‘safe location’ in some random location on your home plane. Physical needs such as hunger resume, but do not occur retroactively.

· Sentient. The plane shifts as it desires, places obstacles in the labyrinth, and sets your path as you arrive. The plane never alters your walking path as you are competing.

· Mildly neutral-aligned, though the labyrinth is mildly positive aligned.

· Enhanced magic. All spells are counted as either enhanced or enlarged, though never both, at the whim of the caster. Gladiators are informed of this as they enter.

· Limited magic: You may not use divination magic, and you may not use conjuration magic, except to heal. In the labyrinth, the space between any given walls is at least 30 feet, and chambers are at least 30 square feet from center to edge. Walls begin at one hallway and end the next, though any attempt to dig through is unsuccessful.

The Coliseum increases in difficulty from chamber to chamber, ideally starting with a challenging (though doable) first chamber and ending with a seemingly nigh-impossible final chamber tailored specifically for the competitor.

Victory in the Coliseum grants you two points to apply to your ability scores.

Any two rivals who meet in the Coliseum must battle to the death. This is possible in interlapping chambers and certain labyrinth intersections. As is usual, the ‘losing’ individual awakens on his home plane rather than dying. The Coliseum itself applies a -2 circumstance penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks during such a duel. The penalty does not apply to DCs.

No one competitor may compete in the Coliseum twice in one year, and no competitor may compete more than thrice in his lifetime. Hero deities and semi-deities may compete, but true deities cannot.

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