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The Elven World campaign setting is a gritty (if less-than-realistic) reality that takes place some 5 thousand years after the time period that Greyhawk takes place in. In this timeline, the Elves came under the rule of a vicious tyrant of a man named Lord Kaelin. Kaelin the Bloodborn (as he would soon be called) had some problem with the rest of the world, and proceeded to conquer it. Between him, his son, and his son's son, the Elves united with each other, killed off the other humanoids, made peace with the Drow (!), and then finished off all of the monsters in the world, respectively. The survivors fled the world, settling whatever planes suited them best, while the gods abandoned the Material Plane altogether. The Material Plane became cut off, isolated from the rest of existence.

The Elves created great things, slowly evolving into a civilization that this world's humans only fantasize of in science fiction novels.

And now, for some reason, all Hell decided that it wanted to break loose.

For some reason, the planar wall is beginning to weaken again. In places, the world began to change. The changes were subtle at first; the residents of the place displayed only erratic moods and the occasional nightmare.

But soon, Luck began to turn a blind eye. Local animals began to exhibit... Strange traits. Some became more territorial, while some began to become hideous. The Elves attempted to chalk it all up to some plague, or some phenomena, but none could predict the truth.

As slowly as the coming of dawn, a dark, venomous presence began to claw its way into the world.

The disturbances continued. Fear and paranoia swept the land. Fingers were pointed, voices were raised. Worldly ties of peace and unity, however tenuous they may have been, rapidly began to crumble.

Nearly a decade after the planes began to weaken, entire cities and regions began to... Disappear. It was inexplicable. Entire cities were replaced by pristine landscapes. Lakes appeared in deserts. They even found a Drow apartment building-in a tunnel.

Long before the people could invent a reason, some explanation for these events, it happened. The Plague of Fire had come.

A great disturbance tore the sky above the Grey Elven capitol, Matlarn. The things that came from it...

...Were demons. Hoards of screaming demons.

The order of the universe had failed itself. The Fiends had busted through.

Exposition (contains some information already stated above)

Your Background-incomplete


Classes-coming soon

Modern Magic

Modern Spells-coming soon


Monster List (Extraplanar)

New Features-more to come

(note: until some of the fiend lists are completed, GMs should have PCs battle other factions, as well as fiendish animals.)

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