The Axe of Apocalyptic Might

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The Axe of Apocalyptic Might

A lone warrior stands, surrounded by the bodies and covered in the blood of the fallen. There is a bloody gleam in his eyes and a furious twitch in his arms. He holds a weapon of incredible might. In a flash of intense light, it disappears, and he walks grimly over the men he killed.

He steps back into the camp, the target of a great deal of astonished glances. He pays no heed to them. He needs not their stares, their idiotic expressions filled with ignorance of their very deities’ origins. He needs only his weapon.

That night, he is assaulted with questions; “where did you find it” and “what is it made of”. He answers only with a furious stare. They ask no further.

For this warrior is no mere warrior; he is the embodiment of all that is power, the very essence of chaos itself. His is the role where he must shatter Structure itself; not only in concept, but also in the very minds of his so-addressed “allies”. He does not need them.

All he needs is the next battle, where he can raise his mighty Stringed Axe of the Gods, and strike down those who would oppose him.

The mighty ballad of Eternity itself flows through his very veins.


The Axe of Apocalyptic Might is an incredible weapon made of pure power itself. Its form is that of a mighty guitar with an axe blade at its base. The god of chaos himself grants this to his most mighty of advocates, and fills them with a power they could never imagine with their pitiful humanoid thoughts.

Axe of the Gods


Two-Handed Exotic Weapon

Chaotic Neutral (it cares little for any morals)

12D12 damage

+2 to Strength

+5 to Charisma

Special: Only an epic-level character with at least 10 levels of Bard and 5 levels of Barbarian may wield this, and then only if [the deity of chaos and doom] deems them worthy of its majesty.

Abilities Score Bonus

Constitution 50 +20

Intelligence 30 +10

Wisdom 15 +2

Charisma 30 +10

The Axe’s purpose is to disrupt and annihilate order wherever its narrowing influence exists.

Lawful characters that attempt to wield it receive a massive shock and go comatose for 12 hours afterward.

The Axe may spew a 30-foot cone of fire for 10D6 damage twice a day. The user may use this ability to add 5D6 fire damage to any strike, though this uses a use.

The Axe makes no attempt to control a person, though it augments any rage or pride present in the user. It does not communicate petty words to its wielder, instead opting to imply emotions.

This quality allows two free rages per day.

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