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This template is used to create spell (or similar) entries. The syntax is as follows; italics entries are optional.

  | type        = The type of effect being described. Defaults to "Maneuvers"; 
                  used for categorizing, so use plurals.
  | name        = The maneuver's name. Defaults to the page's name.
  | disc        = The maneuver's discipline. If omitted, the Discipline line is omitted
                  (including type and descriptors).
  | manType     = The maneuver's type, as in "Boost", "Counter", "Stance", or "Strike".
                  The parentheses are added by the template.
  | desc        = The maneuver's descriptor(s). Brackets are added by the template.
  | prereq      = The maneuver's prerequisites. Defaults omitted.
  | time        = The maneuver's initiation action. Defaults omitted.
  | range       = The maneuver's range. Defaults omitted.
  | target      = The maneuver's target. Defaults omitted.
  | area        = The maneuver's area. Defaults omitted.
  | effect      = The maneuver's effect. Defaults omitted.
  | dur         = The maneuver's duration. Defaults omitted.
  | save        = The maneuver's saving throw(s). Defaults omitted.
  | class1      = The first class that can use the power. Defaults omitted,
                  and omits all classes and levels below.
  | class1level = The maneuver's level for the first class
  | class2      = Second class
  | class2level = Second class's maneuver level
  | class9      = Ninth class
  | class9level = Ninth class's maneuver level
  | classX      = Tenth class; template only supports 10 classes
  | classXlevel = Tenth class's maneuver level
  | level       = Maneuverlevel, not tied to a class.
                  Used only if no classes are used.
  | nocat       = If set at all, page with this template is
                  not categorized at all.
  | noclasscat  = If set at all, page with this template is
                  not added to each class's categories.
  | nolevelcat  = If set at all, page with this template is
                  not added to each level's categories.

Any time class# is used, the corresponding class#level must also be assigned. The level parameter is ignored if class1 is set, unless noclasscat is set and nolevelcat is not, in which case it may be used for categorization. If any class# is not set, all greater numbers are ignored.

This template assigns pages to the Category:Maneuvers category (assuming type is left to default), and to the individual categories given by "class# Maneuvers" and "class# Maneuvers (Level class#level)". To remove this behavior, use nocat, noclasscat, and/or nolevelcat (primarily used when a page has a list of powers and to use these categories would insert the page in every level's category). Templates are never categorized in this manner.


  | name = Time Stands Still
  | disc = Diamond Mind
  | manType = Strike
  | prereq = Four Diamond Mind maneuvers
  | class1 = Swordsage
  | class1level = 9
  | class2 = Warblade
  | class2level = 9
  | time = 1 full-round action
  | range = Personal
  | target = You

Time Stands Still

Diamond Mind (Strike)

  • Level: Swordsage 9, Warblade 9
  • Prerequisite: Four Diamond Mind maneuvers
  • Initiation Action: 1 full-round action
  • Range: Personal
  • Target: You

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