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Tempest Dragoon

"In thunder, there is music. In lightning, there is art. In force, there is elegance. In battle, there is grace." - Lisidican, Grandmaster of the Tempest Stronghold.

The Scossic Mountains are some of the tallest and most deadly mountains on the Material Plane. Massive storms plow through these peaks regularly, flooding and burying old paths and creating new ones, making it impossible to chart the area with any degree of accuracy. In addition, rumors tell of naturally occurring portals around the skies of some of the higher peaks that lead to the Elemental Plane of Air, unleashing dangerous planar creatures in those areas and potentially even sending lost travelers completely off of this world. Despite all the danger though, numerous daring travelers brave these mountains each year, hoping to reach the legendary Tempest Stronghold hidden somewhere in the perpetual stormclouds.

The Tempest Stronghold is an ancient bastion said to rest on the highest point of the tallest peak in the Scossic Mountains. The stronghold is home to the tempest dragoons, an elite order of warrior-mages trained in the secrets of thunder, storm, and force. These dragoons are united by their knowledge of the temple's secret arts and their dedication to improving their own skill in those arts as well as to continue the traditions of the stronghold itself. Besides the Grandmaster of the stronghold and a few key instructors, most of the dragoons are sent out into the world again after learning the fundamentals of the art, both to develop their skills there, and to recruit others to the order.

The fundamental ability of the tempest dragoon is to shape the powers of storm and force into a solid lance. With practice and training, a dragoon learns to depend only upon his own will in battle, learning to wield his thunderlance to the exclusion of all else. To a tempest dragoon, his thunderlance is far more than a mere weapon; it is a natural part of himself, in the same way as magic is an innate part of a sorcerer or fists a natural part of a monk. As he hones his abilities, the tempest dragon learns to forge his thunderlance stronger than adamantine and more powerful than any magic weapon.

Becoming a Tempest Dragoon

All tempest dragoons are tasked to find others they believe worthy to learn the art and recruit them for the stronghold. When a tempest dragoon out in the world spots a young warrior or mage with promise, he typically takes him on as an apprentice for a year, honing the lad's skills and preparing him for the next step. When the dragoon believes him ready, the young apprentice is set with a final test: to head out on his own and reach the Tempest Stronghold. If he reaches it successfully, he is deemed worthy of the stronghold's secrets, and is inducted into the order's ranks.

The Tempest Stronghold cares not about a recruit's alignment, loyalties, or outlook, as long as that recruit swears to never reveal the order's secrets to outsiders and to be always on the lookout for those worthy few who could further the order's ranks. Outside the stronghold, dragoons can follow whatever creed they wish, and often do come into conflict with other tempest dragoons. However, inside the stronghold itself, such differences are put aside, and all within advance towards the same goal of honing each other's skills in force and storm.


Aspects of Thunder
Heighten Spell or Heighten Spell-Like Ability
Weapon Focus (lance)
Concentration 9 ranks
Knowledge (arcana) 6 ranks
Spell or Spell-Like Ability
Able to cast Thunderlance as a spell or SLA
Must have been recruited by another tempest dragoon and reached the Tempest Stronghold successfully

Class Features of the Tempest Dragoon


Hit Die: d8

Skill Points: 2 + Intelligence modifier each level

Class Skills: Climb, Concentration, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (arcana), Ride, Spellcraft, Swim

Tempest Dragoon Class Progression
1st+1+0+0+2Tempered Force, Sudden Storm+1 level of existing spellcasting class
2nd+2+0+0+3Endowed Triumph, Crack the Sky+1 level of existing spellcasting class
3rd+3+1+1+3Flash of Lightning, Pierce the Veil+1 level of existing spellcasting class
4th+4+1+1+4Storm Bolt, Titan's Thunder+1 level of existing spellcasting class
5th+5+1+1+4Supremacy of Force+1 level of existing spellcasting class

Spellcasting: At each level, you gain new spells per day and an increase in caster level (and spells known, if applicable) as if you had also gained a level in a spellcasting class of your choice to which you belonged before adding the prestige class level. You do not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained, such as bonus feats or a more powerful familiar. If you have more than one spellcasting class, you must choose a single spellcasting class to advance in spells and caster level each time you take tempest dragoon.

Tempered Force (Ex): Any thunderlance you create gains a weapon enchancement bonus equal to your class level, granting you an enhancement bonus to attack and damage with it. This does not stack with any enhancement bonuses that the thunderlance gains from other sources, such as the magic weapon spell, with the exception of the Endowed Triumph class feature (see below).

Sudden Storm (Su): You can create a thunderlance much faster than usual. A thunderlance spell or spell-like ability with a casting time of 1 swift action before applying this ability (such as the Tempest Chant invocation or quickened thunderlance spell) may now be cast as a free action once per round instead. A thunderlance spell or spell-like ability with a casting time of 1 standard action or 1 full-round action before applying this ability may now be cast as a swift action instead. This ability does not affect thunderlance spells or SLAs with casting times longer than 1 standard action.

Endowed Triumph (Su): At 2nd level, you learn to make more sophisticated weapons with greater application of magical energies. Whenever you cast a thunderlance spell with Heighten Spell applied (whether by using the feat itself or through another means such as Heighten Spell-Like Ability), you may have the thunderlance gain a +1 enhancement bonus for each spell level that you heighten it by (this enhancement bonus does stack with that of Tempered Force). You may choose to exchange some or all of this enhancement bonus for special weapon abilities from the table below, making all choices upon casting. Only the enhancement bonus from this ability can be exchanged in such a way (so the enhancement bonus from Tempered Force must remain as is), and you may choose any combination of abilities as long as the total costs and the enhancement bonus remaining adds up to number of levels heightened (so if you get +2 enhancement from Tempered Force and heighten it by 3 levels, you can make a +3 flaming thunderlance of arcane might).

Each ability listed here has its source and enhancement cost recorded. If the enhancement cost written here differs from the source value (such as on Bane), the one here takes precedence. All abilities listed here apply to the thunderlance regardless of the type of weapon that ability would normally be used on and regardless of whether the ability usually requires melee or ranged (so Arcane Might for example, an ability that normally only affects ranged weapons, now adds damage to thunderlance now matter what types of attacks you make with it). Entries under "Special" mention any additional deviations from the usual effects of the listed weapon abilities.

Endowed Triumph Weapon Ability Options
Arcane MightMIC+1Sacrifice a spell slot as a swift action to deal more damage on attacks.You can sacrifice any slots, including divine, and the bonus applies to each attack this turn.
ChargingMIC+1+2d6 damage when charging on a mount.None
CorrosiveMIC+1Activate on command for +1d6 acid damage each hit.Special: While active, grants Energy Substitution (acid) to your thunderlance.
FlamingDMG+1Activate on command for +1d6 fire damage each hit.While active, grants Energy Substitution (fire) to your thunderlance.
FrostDMG+1Activate on command for +1d6 cold damage each hit.While active, grants Energy Substitution (cold) to your thunderlance.
ImpalingMIC+1Spend a swift action to turn next attack into a touch attack.No daily limit on usage. Instead, you may use this ability once every 5 rounds.
KeenDMG+1Double critical threat range.None
LuckyMIC+1You can reroll a single failed attack roll.No daily limit on usage. Instead, you may reroll an attack roll once every 5 rounds.
MercifulDMG+1Activate to turn all damage nonlethal and add +1d6 nonlethal.None
PreciseMIC+1Act as if you have the Precise Shot feat.None
RevealingMIC+1Creatures struck are outlined in faerie fire.None
ShockDMG+1Activate on command for +1d6 electricity damage each hit.While active, grants Energy Substitution (electricity) to your thunderlance.
Spell StoringDMG+1You may store a 3rd level or lower spell into your weapon and cast it as a free action when you hit an opponent.None
SunderingMIC+1Grants Improved Sunder and adds +1d6 damage on Sunder attempts.None
ViciousDMG+1Deal 2d6 extra damage and 1d6 extra damage to yourself.None
WhirlingMIC+1Allows you to Whirlwind Attack.No daily limit on usage. Instead, you can use this once every 5 rounds.
AnarchicDMG+2Your weapon is chaos-aligned and deals +2d6 damage to lawful creatures.You must be chaotic to choose this.
AxiomaticDMG+2Your weapon is law-aligned and deals +2d6 damage to chaotic creatures.You must be lawful to choose this.
CollisionMIC+2Deal +5 extra damage.None
EquilibriumLink+2Deal 2d6 damage to extreme alignments and bypass their alignment-based DR.You must be neutral on one or more axis to choose this.
HolyDMG+2Your weapon is good-aligned and deals +2d6 damage to evil creatures.You must be good to choose this.
SeekingDMG+2Negate all miss chance.None
UnholyDMG+2Your weapon is evil-aligned and deals +2d6 damage to good creatures.You must be evil to choose this.
WoundingDMG+2Deal 1 Con damage on each hit.None
BaneDMG+3Deal +2d6 damage and get +2 enhancement to attack and damage vs creatures of one type.None
MagebaneMIC+3Deal +2d6 damage and get +2 enhancement to attack and damage vs arcanists and invokers.None
PsibaneMIC+3Deal +2d6 damage and get +2 enhancement to attack and damage vs psionic creatures.You must not have the psionic subtype to select this.
SpeedDMG+3Gain one extra attack at full BAB in a full attack.None
Brilliant EnergyDMG+4Weapon ignores armor and shield AC, but passes through nonliving matter.None

Crack the Sky (Ex): At 2nd level, your thunderlance becomes strong enough to tear through nearly any material. Your thunderlance now ignores all hardness, and deals double damage to objects. In addition, your thunderlance is no longer blocked by forceward and can freely enter areas protected by it.

Flash of Lightning (Su): At 3rd level, you are so familiar with the creation of your chosen weapon that you can weave it into being with but a moment's thought and unmake its form just as easily. Now, while the duration of your thunderlance spell lasts, you can make your thunderlance appear and disappear at will as a free action, though you may still only have a single thunderlance in existence per instance of the spell active on you (barring those from Split Ray). A thunderlance that is dropped, disarmed, or dispelled still vanishes as normal, but now the spell doesn't end and you can create a new one to replace it. New thunderlances made this way are identical to the one created at first casting, with all relevant choices made at casting intact (such as choice of weapon abilities from Endowed Triumph or charges held from Smiting Spell).

This ability applies to a fell animated thunderlance as well, though in that case you need to spend a swift action to retract the animated weapon and another swift action to unleash it again in your own square.

Pierce the Veil (Su): At 3rd level, the disruptive capabilities of your thunderlance become more refined. Now when you strike a creature, object, or ongoing magical effect with thunderlance, you can have it attempt to dispel any single magical effect rather than just a force effect. Treat this as an area dispel greater dispel magic, except it only applies to the creature, object, or effect that you struck. Like dispelling force effects, this ability can normally only dispel effects of 3rd effective level or lower, but heightening the spell level of your thunderlance similarly increases the maximum effective level you can dispel and gives you a +1 bonus to dispel checks per level heightened.

Storm Bolt (Ex): By 4th level, you have a close enough bond to your thunderlance that you can hold up its shape even when it's not in your grasp. You gain the ability to use your thunderlance for more than just melee attacks, allowing you to launch it as a thunderbolt at your enemies. You may now treat your thunderlance as a throwing weapon in addition to melee, allowing you to throw it with a range increment equal to your thunderlance's reach. This is considered a ranged attack, but the base damage remains the same and you may still use your highest mental attribute in place of your Dexterity to determine ranged attack bonus and Strength to determine thrown damage bonus. Throwing your thunderlance this way doesn't cause it to vanish until after it hit or missed its target, and you can create another one as a free action using your Flash of Lightning class feature (allowing you to make full attacks with the thrown thunderlance).

Titan's Thunder (Su): At 4th level, you learn to unleash the fury of a primeval storm against your enemies. As a standard action, you may expend a spell slot of 2nd level or higher. Doing so allows you to throw your thunderlance in a line that extends 30 ft per spell level of the slot expended. You may make a melee attack with your thunderlance at your full base attack bonus against each enemy along that line, gaining a bonus to each attack and damage roll equal to the level of the spell slot you expended. Your thunderlance vanishes after it travels the entirety of the line. (You may create a new one afterward via your Flash of Lightning class feature.)

If you cast thunderlance as a spell-like ability rather than a spell, you don't gain the ability to expend spell slots to use this class feature. Instead, you may use Titan's Thunder at will while thunderlance is active, but only once every 5 rounds. Unlike the casters who expend spell slots, you don't gain an attack and damage bonus equal to level of spell slot expended, and the length of the line is always 60 ft.

Supremacy of Force (Ex): At 5th level, you have finally achieved perfect mastery over your thunderlance. Now, whenever you cast a thunderlance spell or spell-like ability, you may choose to make it last for 24 hours in place of its normal duration (this duration does not further increase due to effects like Extend Spell).

In addition, your thunderlance spell may no longer be dispelled, and you can persist the form of your thunderlance even in an antimagic field. You still must create your thunderlance before entering the antimagic field; this only allows the weapon to remain in the field - it does not grant you the ability to cast the spell inside it if you don't already have thunderlance active. Only the form of the thunderlance is maintained inside an antimagic field; supernatural abilities related to it (including the benefits of all metamagic feats applied to the thunderlance, the bonuses and special abilities granted by Endowed Triumph, and the ability to make the thunderlance reappear as a free action from Flash of Lightning) all become suppressed inside antimagic even when the thunderlance itself persists. Other abilities marked extraordinary (such as the enhancement bonus of Tempered Force and the throwing capability of Storm Bolt) can still be performed in antimagic, though their effects may vary depending on interaction with disabled abilities (for example, throwing a Storm Bolt now leaves you without a thunderlance to fight with since Flash of Lightning cannot be used to create another thunderlance inside antimagic).

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