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It seems unfair that spellcasters get all the fun of the new thunderlance, so I made an invocation for it too. For reference, this invocation is meant to be used with my revised Thunderlance spell.

Tempest Chant

Invoker Class: Warlock

Invocation Grade: Lesser

Effective Spell Level: 3rd

Special Types: Blast Shape

Descriptors: Force

Focusing your eldritch energies into physical form, you latch onto a long spear of pulsing gray and prepare to join the fray.

As a swift action, you shape your eldritch blast into the form of a spear of force. This works like the thunderlance spell, except the duration is only 1 round, and its base damage is equal to your eldritch blast damage rather than the normal amount. You can choose to apply an eldritch essence you know when activating tempest chant, and each time you strike a creature with the thunderlance that creature is affected by the essence.

While tempest chant is active, you may not use the normal ranged touch version of eldritch blast, nor may you use another blast shape. Attacks with the thunderlance count as uses of eldritch blast when interacting with other abilities (such as hellfire warlock's hellfire blast). This invocation is treated as the thunderlance spell-like ability for the purposes of qualifications as well as for determining how it interacts with spells, feats, and abilities that refer to thunderlance (such as the Aspects of Thunder feat or the tempest dragoon's class features).

If you can apply metamagic feats to spell-like abilities (such as via Empower Spell-Like Ability or Metamagic Conversion), you may apply them to tempest chant and have them correspondingly affect thunderlance, with the following exceptions:

Extend Spell
This extends the tempest chant's duration from 1 round to 3 rounds instead of its normal effect.
Smiting Spell
Rather than imbuing touch spells, you may spend a move action to place the charge of an eldritch essence into your thunderlance. This essence must not be one already applied to the weapon at moment of casting (so you can't apply two instances of the same essence onto one attack). The first time you strike a creature after placing the charge, this essence discharges on that creature, emptying the thunderlance and allowing you to recharge it with an essence again (by spending another move action).
Empower Spell
Works like normal empower rather than how it affects thunderlance, increasing the variable numeric damage of your eldritch blast (and thus thunderlance) by 50%.
Fell Animate
As thunderlance, except the duration becomes equal to concentration regardless of the normal duration of the invocation.
Maximize Spell
As thunderlance, and still maximizes the extra damage from Empower Spell.
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