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[General Feats]

Magic Capable

Requirements: 4 ranks of spellcraft

Benefit: Choose a base spellcasting class you do not have levels in. Whenever you would gain a level of a class that advances spellcasting from a previous class, if the chosen class can be increased by it normally, you may treat it instead as though you had 1 level in the chosen class for the purposes of spellcasting.
In addition, you may choose a 1st level spell available to the chosen class. You gain this spell as a spell-like ability usable twice a day with caster level equal to half your hit die, rounded up.

Special: The benefit of this feat may apply to other alternatives to spellcasting, such as psionics or incarnum. The requirements for psionic classes is psicraft instead of spellcraft.

Ritual Spell

Requirements: Ability to cast 3rd level or higher spells

Benefit: When you obtain ritual spell choose two spells of one level higher than your maximum spell level that is normally available to your class. These spells are added to your spells known list if you are spontaneous spell caster, you may prepare these spells without referring to a spellbook if you are a wizard, or otherwise have access to these spells. The spells chosen for ritual spell are considered one level lower and their casting time is increased by 12 hours. The spell also gains a material component of ritual supplies reflective of your spellcasting class of 50 gp per level of the new spell in addition to its normal material components and an experience cost of 600. Upon finishing the casting of the spell, you are left fatigued.

Special: You may forgo the XP cost with the assistance of three other casters who are capable of casting third level spells of the appropriate type of either arcane or divine. These casters must be present for the entire ritual.

Special: You may not apply metamagic to a ritual spell.

Special: Whenever your maximum spell level increases, you may replace one of your ritual spells with a new spell a level higher.

Projectile Finesse

Requirements: Base attack bonus +4, Point Blank Shot

Benefit: With a projectile weapon for a creature of your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier on damage rolls as long as you are within a half of a range increment for the weapon.

Special: A fighter may select Projectile Finesse as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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