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The following section contains errata and additional rules for use with skills in Star Wars Saga Edition. This segment of the GitP supplement adds new usages which require the relevant Skill Focus feat in order to use, even for someone who would ordinarily be otherwise able to use that skill.


Focused Only

Dropdown: When you use any reactive ability, you may immediately drop prone at the end of the action if you feel this will benefit you (prone targets are harder to hit with ranged attacks).

Skywalker: When Balancing across a surface, you can take a penalty of 5 to your skill check in order to move your full speed.


Focused Only

Leap of the Clouds: You're always considered to have a running start on jumps, and do not need a pole vault to maximize your High Jumps.

Rockhop: You can move a single square as a swift action. This movement provokes no attacks of opportunity.

Speed Swimmer: By taking a -10 penalty on the check, you can swim your speed as a full-round action, or half your speed as a move action.

Wall Jump: When leaping onto a wall, you can directly ascend the distance given in your Jump check, then climb half your speed up the wall as a move action. You can leap from wall to wall if two are within reach of each other. You must make the climb DC for a given wall for this stunt to function.


Deceptive Information: This use of the Deception skill is also used to convey hard-to-believe information that is, in fact, true. You gain a +5 bonus on all rolls to convey truthful information.

Echo Chamber: Repetition improves believability. Providing less information gives you a weaker argument to strike with, but it also makes your argument less susceptible to failure as well. You may take a -5 penalty on any Deceptive Information usage of the Deception skill, representing a weaker argument made with the confidence of someone who doesn't see a need to explain circumstances. In return, you are able to make repeated, consecutive attempts to convey the same lie, as long as none of your attempts fail to meet the DC by 15 or more.

Interruption: As a reaction, you can interrupt a persuasion or deception attempt being made by someone. This works by insulting, belittling or rapidly rebutting your target. Roll deception against their persuasion or deception check result; if you tie or beat their check result, their attempt fails. However, if you lose the opposed roll, they gain a +2 bonus.

Take and Take: After someone's deception check fails against you by 5 or more, you may immediately roll a deception check at a +5 bonus to convince them that you were fooled.

Trained Only

Xanatos Feint: You may choose to allow a feint attempt against you to succeed (after the GM has determined that it would fail); in return, your next attack may also treat the other party as though you had successfully feinted them.

Focused Only

Xanatos Master: If someone's feint attempt against you has failed by 5 or more, you may make an attack of opportunity against them, along with the standard benefits of the Xanatos Feint usage of this skill.


Focused Only

Diehard: The first time in an encounter you would ordinarily be knocked down 1 step or more on the condition track, reduce your movement along the condition track by 1 step.

Gather Information

Focused Only

Busybody: You can take 20 on a Gather Information check by taking 6 hours to search. You cannot use this ability in conjunction with Connections.

Connections: You can use your Gather Information check in place of a Deception or Persuasion check to obtain or cheapen goods or a service. This usage of the skill takes 3 hours for most things; exceptionally valuable or risky services might require days.

Owe You Nothin': You do not have to pay bribes when gathering information; opting to do so grants you an additional +2 bonus on your check.


Focused Only

Fleet of Feet: When you use two move actions in one round for movement, you may consider your speed to be one square greater. This effect does not apply under any other circumstance, including the run action.


Focused Only

Academic Research: If you spend an hour in study or contemplation after failing a knowledge check, you can attempt that check again. This may only be done once per day for a particular need for knowledge.

Specialist: You may spend a force point to take 20 on a knowledge check as a free action.


Focused Only

Under construction.


Focused Only

Private Eye: You can search a 1-square area as a swift action.


Change Attitude: This use of the Persuasion skill can be used to decrease someone's attitude towards you as well. Persuasion only needs to be rolled for decreasing attitude if the target is actively attempting to keep its opinion of you high. Normal starting attitude modifiers still apply. If successful in decreasing the attitude of a hostile person, they act to openly hurt you in whatever way possible as soon as they can bear - be that with violence, an outburst, or scheming. Subtlety is forgotten about.

Give and Take: If your target is attempting to use a persuasion check on you, you may voluntarily allow the check to succeed; in return, you gain a +5 bonus on the next persuasion check made against them within a minute.

Lecture: You may attempt to lecture your opponent(s) as a standard action every round for ten consecutive rounds. If your Persuasion check succeeds each and every round, at the end of that minute, they immediately concede the encounter entirely. Lecture can be combined with other uses; for example, if you have the Rhetorical feat, you may make ten Moment of Weakness checks.

Objection: As a reaction, you can bolster someone else against a persuasion or deception attempt on them. Roll against the target's Will Defense, treating the target as one step friendlier to you than usual. If you succeed, you grant a +2 bonus to their target's Will Defense. Only one person can successfully object within the course of a round; multi-round checks, such as during a lecture, can have multiple respondents.

Trained Only

Honeyed Words (trained only): By presenting an attractive, sympathetic, or harmless guise, you appeal to your opponent's better (or baser) nature, making them reluctant to harm you - even if that doesn't make them any less likely to harm your friends. As a full-round action, make a Persuasion check against a target that is either not hostile towards you or has a Dark Side Score less than their Wisdom score. If successful, the target will not use attacks and abilities that could harm you if at all possible; if that is not possible, it will switch to stun damage or use abilities it thinks you could survive. If the target is aware of you making any offensive actions this encounter, you take a -5 penalty to your Persuasion check.

If you have dealt enough total damage to overcome the target's damage threshold this encounter, or have ever placed the target or its loved ones in mortal danger, this ability fails automatically.

If the target finds your sincerity hard to believe, then you may have to make a deception check as well.

Focused Only

Advocate (focused only): When cooperating with another person on a Persuasion check, you add a +3 bonus to their result, rather than a +2 bonus. If the person performing the skill check does not have Skill Focus: Persuasion, they gain the benefits of that feat for that roll (another +5 bonus).


Focused Only

Under construction.


Focused Only

Attack from Cover: You can attack while using your mount as cover, at a -5 penalty to your attack rolls. Mounted Combat: Once per round when your mount is hit in combat, you may attempt a Ride check (as a reaction) to negate the hit. The hit is negated if your Ride check result is greater than the opponent’s attack roll. Pounce: As a reaction after you or your mount are attacked, you may immediately make an athletics check to dismount and leap forward in any direction you choose. If the attack was successful, you or your mount still take damage from the attack. You may also perform this ability as a swift action on your turn.


Focused Only

Intuit Direction: Wherever you are, you can determine the direction to a planetary location with no tools.

DC Familiarity with Location
20 Very familiar
25 Studied carefully
30 Seen casually
35 Description only

As a full-round action, you know the direction to the desired location. This merely points you in the direction of the location; it doesn’t provide you with information on how to get there, nor does it take into account any obstacles in the path.

Treat Injury

Focused Only

Endorphins (Requires a Medpac and Stims): As a standard action, you can attempt to shock an adjacent target back up to full action. If you succeed on a DC 25 Treat Injury check, you can temporarily move the target up 1 step on the condition track, even if it is due to a persistent condition; these persistent conditions return and still affect the character following the end of the encounter. A given creature can only benefit from this ability once per encounter. Stimboost (Requires a Medpac and Stims): As a standard action, you can administer steroids to a target. If you succeed on a DC 25 Treat Injury check, the creature regains a number of hit points equal to its character level. Additionally, the creature gains a +1 bonus to its attack rolls for the rest of the encounter, though it moves one step down the condition track after the end of the encounter. A creature can only receive one attempted stimboost an hour safely. Additional stimboosts impose a -5 penalty to the treat injury check. Failure: If you fail the DC by 5 or more, the target is poisoned by the stimboost and does not gain its benefits; it is instead afflicted with a persistent condition that drops it one step along the condition track. The poison can be removed by a DC 25 Treat Injury check to remove poison.

Use Computer

Focused Only

Under construction.

Use the Force

When a Force Power is directed against someone's defenses, use the following rules for resolving attack damage: Heroic Level + Charisma Modifier + 1 (if Trained) + 1 (If Focused).

Roll a skill check anyway for purposes of deflecting the ability with Rebuke. Things to note: Force Powers are still not valid subjects of abilities like Shatterpoint and Battle Strike.

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