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footprint.jpg This article has a related thread on the Giant in the Playground forums that may contain more up-to-date information than what is provided here.
This is a community project on the Giant in the Playground forums which aims to flesh out several aspects of the Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game released by Wizards of the Coast. A short run system from 2007 to 2010, Star Wars Saga Edition is considered by many (screw your citations) to be the best licensed Star Wars roleplaying game, in sharp contrast to the previous two d20 iterations. It bears numerous similarities to both the 3rd and 4th editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and is easy to learn from either system (particularly 3ed), but is its own beast.

New contributors are encouraged to join; though not all suggestions will be used, almost all suggestions will be considered. Similarly, until the community project is over - and that's a long time coming - nothing is written in stone. Newcomers are encouraged to read pre-existing discussions and make their own insights and criticisms, regardless of who came up with a particular idea. Please post on the central community thread (preferred) or on the discussion tabs of individual pages rather than simply making a direct edit. We will eventually be looking for playtest data, and would appreciate any that comes our way; it is not yet a primary concern, however.


Primary design goals include:

  • Expansion of SWSE's skill and talent system for archetypes built around particular skills.
    • Special emphasis on social combat.
  • Equipment and talents based around battlefield control and mobility.
  • Smoothing out the power curve for low level Force Users (both weak Jedi and strong Wizards).

Possible design goals include:

  • Inclusion of additional equipment, races and talents for crossover Science Fantasy and Science Fiction settings.


See also: Skills
See also: Social Combat
The essence of the skill system revamp is not an overhaul, but an addon. In Dungeons & Dragon 3ed, the book Complete Scoundrel introduced the concept of a Skill Trick - new options and abilities too weak to be tied into a feat, but which required specialization beyond simple mastery of the fundamentals. With most skills carrying relatively low DCs, we'd like to tie advanced uses into the Skill Focus feat. Deception, Persuasion, Use the Force, and Pilot will likely have weaker Skill Tricks, as all of them have other methods to encourage specialization. Other skills may or may not be added to this list with time.
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