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Evocation [Art, Electricity]

  • Level: Swordmage 3
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Melee attack
  • Duration: Instantaneous and 1 round (see text)
  • Saving Throw: Reflex Half and Fortitude Negates (see text)

The Swordmage runs a fingernail along the blade of the dagger, and a line of crackling energy follows. With the speed of thought, he whips it toward his target, who convulses helplessly.

The Swordmage makes a single ranged attack with a +1 Shocking Burst Dagger. He is treated as if he had the Far Shot and Precise Shot feats for the purpose of this attack. If he hits, his target takes 1d6 points of Electric damage per two Swordmage levels, to a maximum of 5d6 at 10th. In addition, the target has a 50% chance of doing nothing on their next turn. A successful Reflex save halves the electric damage, while a successful Fortitude save negates the possibility of action loss.

If the Swordmage has activated at least two other Incantations with the Art descriptor in this round, the save DC of this Incantation increases by 2, and the target who fails their Reflex save also takes an additional 1d6 points of Electric damage per two caster levels, to a maximum of 5d6 at 10th, at the start of the Swordmage's next turn, in addition to the normal effects.

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