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You see a metal coif.

When you touch it, you feel an odd, claustrophobic feeling.

It’s almost like it’s trying to tell you something…

Sevelin’s Coif


Sevelin was an ambitious sorcerer, living in a magic tower and heralding his own guild. Two hundred men bowed to his will. This isn’t to say he was cruel; he was the kindest man anyone who met him had ever seen.

However, even with his immense arcane power, even he wasn’t immune to the effects of time. Every day that passed, brought more people under his guidance, and yet every day, he began to feel weaker.

One day, he began to feel a great pressure in his chest. Knowing he was running out of time, he suddenly realized what his death would mean for his guild; disbandenment. He needed an heir.

For four weeks, he held a special series of tests to determine which member of the guild was suitable to replace him.

Not one succeeded.

He felt the crushing reality; he should have planned for this! “I should’ve thought about it! I’m no better than the greenest of acolytes!”

He was brought abruptly back into reality when his chest grew numb. He moaned deeply. He was too late.

Desperately, he looked for something, anything, to write on. There was nothing. His chest began to burn. And then he saw it. The skullcap he used to wear as an adventurer!

Weaving a complex tide of spells, he altered his old helm. For an hour he worked, growing weaker every second.

He didn’t get to see the result. He dropped dead as soon as he finished uttering the spells.

Soon after, one of his former students found his dead body. Dumbfounded, he froze.

A full minute and a half he remained, unsure of what to do. Then, he felt a presence…

He looked at his old master’s hand. It was clutching a strange metal object. Picking it up, he could feel something familiar in it. He immediately resolved to don the strange hat.

“Omar, what have I told you about curses?”

He immediately looked at Sevelin’s body. “Are you-“

“No. I died a short time ago… Or should I say ‘he’ died?”

“What… Are you?”

“Sevelin knew he was approaching death for weeks now. I am all that remains.”

Omar gasped as he realized that it was the cap!

“Do not worry… I couldn’t possess you if I tried…”

“What do you ask of me?”

“I see great promise in you… Yes… You shall be the heir.”

For a decade afterward, Master Omar led the guild into an era of prosperity. As fate would have it, however, a tribe of barbarians attacked. In a matter of days, they demolished half of the guild’s members. It was at this point that all of the survivors, save one, fled.

Omar threw the magic helmet into the stream, at its extreme protest.

It heard him die as it floated down the countryside.

Sevelin’s Coif

Neutral Good +2 AC -5% arcane spell failure +5 to Intelligence and Charisma bonus When appropriate, Sevelin’s Coif counts as a 15th level Wizard

Abilities Score Bonus Constitution 15 +2 Intelligence 35 +12 Wisdom 28 +9 Charisma 23 +6

Will save: +9

Skills Appraise (INT) +15 Bluff (CHA) +6 Concentration (CON) (CLASS SKILL) +15 Craft (INT) (CLASS SKILL) +12 Decipher Script (INT) (CLASS SKILL) +12 Diplomacy (CON) +15 Disguise (CHA) +6 Forgery (INT) +12 Gather Information (CHA) +12 Handle Animal (CHA) +10 Heal (WIS) +13 Intimidate (CHA) +6 Knowledge (INT) (CLASS SKILL) +12 Knowledge (Arcana) (INT) +12 Listen (WIS) +10 Profession (WIS) (CLASS SKILL) +9 Search (INT) +12 Sense Motive (WIS) +10 Speak Language (N/A) He knows Common, Elven, Giant, Orc, Sylvan, and AuranHe is fluent in Common, Orc, and Auran and well-spoken in the remainder Spellcraft (INT) (CLASS SKILL) +13 Spot (WIS) +15 Survival (WIS) +10 Use Magic Device (CHA) +12

He needs someone to Craft, Forge, and talk to others for him, as he cannot manipulate the world around him or speak (he uses telepathy).

He can, however, ‘guide’ someone through a process if they allow him to control their body.

He is (immensely) unlikely to force someone to do anything against his or her will due to his philanthropic attitude. He may, however, Overcome an Evil character of low intelligence (if possible) in order to save one or more innocents.

Note: The helmet does not contain Sevelin’s soul, but a copy of his mind. In fact, the nature of his being is how he has so much power.

For some unknown reason, he has both Empathy and Telepathy, but he cannot speak out loud. He is capable of telepathically communicating with up to five people at any given time.

His unusual method of being causes him not to have a ‘cause’ - he defends the weak from the evil. (Where “cause” means “intended purpose.)

Lesser Powers: Zone of Truth 3/day Cure Moderate Wounds (on wielder) 3/day Major Image 1/day Deathwatch constant

Greater Powers: Detect Evil at will Gust of Wind 3/day Detect Thoughts at will

Dedicated Power (when he defends the innocent) Greater Shout* 15D6, 3/day

  • In his case, Greater Shout is not an immensely loud voice screaming, but an unimaginably loud, extremely high-pitched noise. In all other ways, it is identical to the normal Shout spell.

Note: If he is defending the innocent from you (ex. If you decide to kill off a village), he may use Greater Shout on you! If this occurs, and you are wearing him, it-

A) Is always a critical hit

B) Always bypasses armor (no miss)

C) Deals triple damage and

D) Rolls D%. If the result is under 25, your eardrums, eyes, and various regions in your head, including possibly your temples, explode, killing you instantly. Fortitude DC35 to survive at –1 HP (you’re always dying, even if you have the Diehard feat (or any similar one). Those areas on your head explode regardless if the attack kills you before this roll. This assumes you are wearing the coif. It is a normal attack if he isn’t on your person. If he is in something that you keep items in (such as a backpack), he deals 15D6 sonic damage to all nearby items.

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