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The Dark Eye is the most important roleplaying game in Germany. And while the game's background and setting is breathtakingly beautiful and rich in details, the rules suck.

And therefore, Serpents and Sewers can easily fill this hole; standard D20 would be too clumsy, too much focused on high-fantasy and high-magic to run a somewhat more subtle setting like the one of the Dark Eye.

The following pages will include the setting-typical species and cultures for Aventuria, the main continent of the Dark Eye. For the rest, the standard Serpents and Sewers rules are used.

The species in TDE D20 are not balanced against the standard D20 ones, or the ones from Serpents and Sewers, but stand on their own.



The Dark Eye: Humans includes the several human cultural and racial packages and options, that replace the human traits in the Species and Templates chapter of the S&S main rules.

Likewise, The Dark Eye has an own setting-specific write-up for Elves and Halfelves, Dwarves, Orcs and Halforcs, Goblins and Lizardfolk.


The Classes page explains how the Serpents and Sewers Character Classes are used in the context of The Dark Eye setting.


The Magic chapter deals with the setting specific characteristiks of magic in the Dark Eye, different traditions of spellcasters as well as archetypical magical items, such as Wizard Staffs.


The Theology page deals with the gods of Aventuria and the details of divine magic in the Dark Eye setting, such as Domains.

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