Sable Whip

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Sable Whip

Illusion (Figment) [Mind-Affecting]

  • Level: Swordmage 1
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: 15 ft. Reach Melee Attack
  • Saving Throw: Will disbelief
  • Spell Resistance: Yes

A whip of shadow snakes its way from the Swordmage's hands to his opponent's weapon; it seems impossible for a thing to move like that, to grab the weapon, but indeed it does.

The Swordmage appears, to all who view him, to conjure a Masterwork Whip of sable black, and use it to Disarm his opponent. The whip, however, does not actually exist - despite this, if the Swordmage's opponent fails his Will save, he will unconsciously toss aside his weapon as his brain tries to make sense of what it sees. If the target saves, nothing happens. A locked gauntlet guarantees a successful save.

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