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Ability Scores

Strength: Determines hit and damage bonus for many attacks.

Dexterity: Determines hit bonus for ranged attacks, Grants Reflex defense.

Constitution: Determines hit points, Grants Fortitude defense.

Intelligence: Powers knowledge skills.

Wisdom: Grants Will defense.

Charisma: Powers social skills, determines contacts and notoriety.

Ability Modifiers

To determine an ability's modifier, use the equation: (Ability score/2)-5.

The strength modifier is abbreviated STR. The dexterity modifier is abbreviated DEX. The constitution modifier is abbreviated CON. The intelligence modifier is abbreviated INT. The wisdom modifier is abbreviated WIS. The charisma modifier is abbreviated CHA.

Hit Points

At each level, add CON to your class build's base HP increase to determine how many hit points you gain at that level.

You are Bloodied when your current HP is at half your total HP or less.


The four defenses are Armor Class, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.

Armor Class: Determined by your armor bonus. Base Defense+Armor Bonus. Abbreviated AC.

Fortitude: Determined by your Constitution modifier. Base Defense+CON.

Reflex: Determined by your Dexterity modifier. Base Defense+DEX.

Will: Determined by your Wisdom modifier. Base Defense+WIS.

Base Defense: Equal to 10+1/2 character level.

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