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Advancing Characters


Characters at First Level

At first level, you choose a race, class, build, feat, skills, and powers.

Race: Choose between Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, and Orc.

Class: Choose any Base Class.

Build: Choose between your chosen class's builds.

Feat: At first level, you get one feat. Humans get a second feat as a bonus feat. Choose any feat or feats for which you qualify.

Skills: Choose as many skills as your class build designates. You become trained in them.

Powers: At first level, you learn three powers as shown on the character advancement chart, and you learn another power for taking the first level of a class. (Whenever you take the first level of a new class, you learn a bonus power)

From these choices, your character has:

Hit Points: Your hit points are equal to your build's hit points per level plus CON.

Skills: You are trained in a number of skills. When you make a trained skill check, add 5+(H) to your roll. See Skills for more details.

Powers: Your character can ready a number of powers and use them in encounters.

Character Advancement Chart

Character Advancement Powers Known Powers Readied
1st Feat 3 2
2nd - 3 2
3rd Feat 4 2
4th +1 to Ability Score 4 3
5th - 5 3
6th Feat 5 3
7th - 6 4
8th +1 to Ability Score 6 4
9th Feat 7 4
10th - 7 5
11th - 8 5
12th Feat, +1 to Ability Score 8 5
13th - 9 6
14th - 9 6
15th Feat 10 6
16th +1 to Ability Score 10 7
17th - 11 7
18th Feat 11 7
19th - 12 8
20th +1 to Ability Score 12 8

All characters follow the above table as they advance, regardless of their class levels or multiclassing.

Leveling up

At each level, you may continue to advance through a class foor which you already have levels, or you may take a level in a new class, which is known as multiclassing.

Regardless of the classes you choose, look at the character advancement table for your new character level (the total of all your class levels) and add any new benefits it designates.

Feats: At first level and every third level, you choose a new Feat to learn. They're covered in the Skills & Feats section.

+1 to Ability Score: At every fourth level, you may permanently increase one of your ability scores by one point.

Powers known: On some levels, you increase in the number of powers you know. When you do, you learn a power from the class you take a level in.

Powers readied: On some levels, the number of powers you can have readied at once increases. This applies to all class powers, regardless of multiclassing.

Afterwards, look at the class you have taken a level in. You gain any features or weapon dice increases designated in the entry for your class level in that class. You also gain HP. Add your CON score and the HP amount designated in the class build of your current class level to your total HP.


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