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Many of reptilian races, bred and trained for warfare for centuries, are naturally tougher, meaner, and nastier than the usual player races. That means a lot of racial HD, level adjustments, and ECLs get tossed around. Since monster classes could see a lot of use in this game, I've designed my own rules for handling them, similar to Savage Species:

  • The First Level: A character's 1st level can either be a racial class level or a class level, since it determines inital HP and initial skill points. A person's training can be more important than his heritage.
  • Racial Class Levels: A monster race has a racial class with levels equal to its HD-1. A monster must gain all of its racial class levels before it can level in another class. (The only exception is the First Level; see above.) A character can't take racial class levels of another race.
  • Racial Feats: Many of the reptilian races have racial feats that enhance their natural abilities. You can take these just like regular feats. You can also take racial feat levels (see below) to get a batch of them in exchange for a level.
  • Racial Feat Levels: Monster races can gain racial feat levels. A racial feat level provide no HD, no BAB increase, and no save bonus. The only thing it provides is 3 Bonus Racial Feats.
  • Favored Classes: Due to the growing number of base classes in D&D, many of the reptilian races have two or more favored classes. Each PC must choose one of these as his favored class; a PC can't have two or more favored classes. For example, Caudabrans can choose Lurk or Psychic Rogue as their favored class, but not both. A Caudabran with Monk 5/Lurk 1/Psychic Rogue 1 would suffer the multiclassing XP penalty. Racial class levels and racial feat levels are always favored classes; PCs take no XP penalty for either.
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