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Session 1

[18:25] GSquid314: I am Kaya Kalirion, a female human bard who has spent some time in places unknown studying with unusual characters. I am involved with a cult seeking the redemption of the world through song and beauty. I am beautiful, intelligent, and although I am very much aligned with good I do not have a lot of scruples and am not particularly interested in being honest. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, good movies, songs by Pink Floyd...

[18:47] GSquid314: Kaya takes out her harp and sings a short poem. "The Paladin will never bend / It's wonderful to see one / And great to have one as a friend / But who would want to be one?"

[18:55] GSquid314: "Wine is sweet, but knowledge is sweeter. Unless it's good wine. Let's go talk to Casi."

[18:58] Fax Celestis: The half-orc looks like he's about ready to hit the dwarf with a table. Or perhaps hit the table with the dwarf.

[19:08] Rarkasha: "Drinking contests," Teak muses," now that's a test of rulership"

[19:19] aingeal raine: takes another drink
[19:19] Fax Celestis: Constitution check
[19:19] GSquid314: Kaya watches in a mix of awe and horror.
[19:19] Bill7D0: Quillan looks a bit hesitant looking at Brenna.
[19:19] Fax Celestis: Brenna collapses on the table out cold.
[19:19] Rarkasha: "Lovely"
[19:20] Bill7D0: Quillan gasps in horror.
[19:20] Fax Celestis: "She'll be fine in a few, gents. Slurrd, though potent, does leave the system rather quickly."
[19:20] Fax Celestis: Brenna sits up.
[19:21] Fax Celestis: You have a mild headache.
[19:21] aingeal raine: Brenna checks her hair in her hood and continues to stare into her drink.
[19:21] Bill7D0: "Please don't drink anymore," Quillan says with futility.
[19:21] aingeal raine: "it's good stuff."
[19:21] Bill7D0: "You just passed out after taking a second sip!"
[19:21] aingeal raine: "Really good stuff"

[19:37] GSquid314: "Everyone stops drinking eventually."
[19:37] Rarkasha: "Eventually being the operative word. Like lifespan."

Session 2

[18:34] Fax Celestis: Paul, you feel like the statue is raising a metaphysical eyebrow at you
[18:35] ktlh4773r: "Thats statue isnt creepy AT ALL."

[18:56] Rarkasha: "I'm fine... but... if what I think is true, than the wand probably alters or creates things to a level I can't imagine"
[18:56] ktlh4773r: " i can imagin pretty big...."

[19:26] ktlh4773r: waves finger in afirmation....."so! im not up for prancing around at 2 oclack at night... unless" looks at the party slyly "you wanna be covert?"
[19:26] aingeal raine: "I can do covert."
[19:26] ktlh4773r: looks at Quillan in plate "well, mostly covert"

[19:30] ktlh4773r: jingles keys.. "whos roomin with me?" looks at Brenna
[19:31] aingeal raine: "I already have my room. And the door stays locked." glares at you, then turns to go to bed.
[19:31] ktlh4773r: shrug "the wizards prettier anyway" puts arm around teak

[19:35] Bill7D0: "Huh. Where's Kaya? Normally she'd be here making songs about how cliched I am."
[19:35] Rarkasha: "Maybe she had a performance to get to"
[19:35] ktlh4773r: "she a bard or just musically inclined to insult you? cause i can do that"
[19:35] Bill7D0: "Both."
[19:36] ktlh4773r: (perform sing total 8 + 5) i amke a diddy about pallys
[19:36] aingeal raine: "you just make it so easy"
[19:36] Fax Celestis: It's a horrible song, but at least it rhymes
[19:36] ktlh4773r: "full plate
[19:36] ktlh4773r: aint that great"
[19:37] Fax Celestis: Except for the part about spurs and s***
[19:37] ktlh4773r: "and the charisma stat
[19:37] ktlh4773r: aint all thaaaaattttt!"

[19:41] Fax Celestis: It's the most spectacular campfire cooking style you've ever seen, but it's still just fried fish.

[19:44] ktlh4773r: "alright.. then we can go over and look at the rest, i'll give em a good sniffing"
[19:44] Fax Celestis: You sound like you're talking about crack
[19:45] Fax Celestis: *sniff sniff* Ooooh yeah, still magical.
[19:45] Fax Celestis: *snort*

[19:45] Bill7D0: Quillan accidently chokes on the last piece of fried fish.
[19:45] Bill7D0: "GACK!"
[19:45] Fax Celestis: Fort save
[19:46] aingeal raine: smacks you back, hard
[19:46] aingeal raine: "learn to chew"
[19:46] Fax Celestis: Cancel fort save, heimlich performed

[20:53] Fax Celestis: Furniture has hit points too. Affirmative Action!

Session 3

[18:01] Fax Celestis: Bill, I need a reflex save
[18:03] Bill7D0: 19+3
[18:03] Fax Celestis: You manage to dodge the large pile of garbage that has just flung itself at you.

[18:09] Fax Celestis: Bill, you've just been grabbed by the garbage.
[18:10] Fax Celestis: I need a will save.
[18:10] Bill7D0: ...will?
[18:10] Fax Celestis: WIll.
[18:10] Bill7D0: 12+4
[18:10] Fax Celestis: The garbage rolled a natural twenty on it's grapple check. It hits.
[18:11] Fax Celestis: It attempts to worm its way into your brain and subvert you to its will, but you manage to keep it at bay for now.
[18:11] aingeal raine: what kind of garbage is it, just scraps of metal or blades or what?
[18:11] Fax Celestis: Clarification: psychologically
[18:11] Fax Celestis: It's small daggers, shards of metal, keys, piping, gutters, some coins...miscellaneous metallic trash.
[18:12] Rarkasha: (hm...)
[18:12] aingeal raine: working as one blob or in seperate pieces?
[18:12] Fax Celestis: One amorphous blob of mind-controlling garbage.

[18:25] Bill7D0: The garbage is still attackable while it's grappling, right?
[18:26] Fax Celestis: There's a distinct possibility of hurting Brenna, especially since it's IN HER BRAIN.

[19:25] Fax Celestis: The university has been plagued with ghosts.
[19:25] Bill7D0: ghouls
[19:26] Fax Celestis: The Undead.
[19:26] Fax Celestis: VEGAN ZOMBIES
[19:26] Bill7D0: (The Forsaken)

[19:28] Bill7D0: "Plus we ha- hey, where's whathisface? That guy with that second profession?"
[19:28] Fax Celestis: He apparently slipped off before the Armor attacked you.
[19:28] Fax Celestis: The Armor confirms it.
[19:28] Fax Celestis: With visual
[19:28] aingeal raine: "He went to his mom's grave."
[19:29] Bill7D0: ...visual?
[19:29] Fax Celestis: It's rather disorienting seeing in three hundred and sixty degrees.
[19:29] Rarkasha: IMAGES IN YOUR BRAIN
[19:29] Rarkasha: That sounds... confusing... human eyes were not meant for that
[19:29] Fax Celestis: No they were not.
[19:29] Fax Celestis: You're all a bit woozy, but it goes away in a bit.
[19:30] Fax Celestis: Still, you've got that disconcerting feeling that there's something just outside your field of your spine.

[20:14] Bill7D0: (HE'S LEVEL 17)
[20:14] Bill7D0: (WE'RE LEVEL 3)
[20:14] Fax Celestis: Translation: He'll eat you alive.

[20:43] Bill7D0: I want to sell my old armor
[20:43] Fax Celestis: Alright.
[20:43] Fax Celestis: It's unenchanted, yes?
[20:43] Bill7D0: Yeah
[20:44] Fax Celestis: full plate?
[20:44] Bill7D0: yes
[20:44] Fax Celestis: they offer you 400 gold.
[20:44] Bill7D0: (400? Doesn't it costmore than 800!?)
[20:45] Fax Celestis: Yes.
[20:45] Rarkasha: economy is rarely fair

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