Prismatic Shield

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Prismatic Shield


  • Level: Swordmage 9
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Melee Attack and Personal
  • Duration: 1 round + 1 round/6 levels (or until discharged)

A blinding light shines from the Swordmage's fore-arm, as a shield of scintillating color appears. Upon bashing his foe with the shield, the effects can be described only as 'interesting'...

Creates a shield which is effectively a small Prismatic Wall that floats adjacent to his off-hand. Other than its size and mobility, the shield is identical to the Spell in effect. The Swordmage may make a Reflex save against any effect blocked by a Prismatic Wall to position the shield correctly so that it does, in fact, block the effect (if the effect does not have a normal way of calculating the save DC, using 10 + half the HD of the attacker + the ability modifier used on the attack). If the effect is one of those that negates a layer of a Prismatic Wall, it does so to the shield as well. Further, physical attacks that involve entering the Swordmage's space trigger the effect on the attacker as if they had walked through a Prismatic Wall. The shield also functions as the Shield spell.

In addition, as an attack action (either as part of the original casting of the Incantation or as a second attack action taken later), the Swordmage may perform a bash with the shield as a melee attack. This attack does not deal physical damage, but if it hits, the Swordmage may roll 1d8 three times and apply the effects rolled on the table below. Repeats, including repeat 8's, are rerolled. After successfully striking with the shield, it dissipates and the Incantation is ended.

Roll Color Effect
1 Red 5d6 points of Fire damage
2 Orange 5d6 points of Acid damage
3 Yellow 5d6 points of Electricity damage
4 Green 10d6 points of damage, as Disintegrate spell (Fortitude half)
5 Blue 5d6 points of Cold damage
6 Indigo Insanity, as the spell (Will negates)
7 Violet 5d6 points of Sonic damage
8 - Reroll twice and combine both effects rolled (continue to reroll repeats)
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