Phantom Dancer

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“Care to dance?”

Prerequisites: Rogue or Warlock class, trained in Stealth and Bluff

Life is like an endless dance to you, each new adventure playing to a different tune. You leap in and out of the shadows, inspiring fear, paranoia and uncontrollable dance among your foes. When it comes time for you to take your bow, your enemies give no applause… for they are all more than likely dead.

Phantom Dancer Path Features

Chaos Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain +6 to all your defences against opportunity attacks until the end of your next turn, but enemies also gain a +2 bonus to opportunity attacks made against you until the end of your next turn.

Phantom Dance (11th level): Any creature that misses you with an opportunity attack, but would hit itself with the same roll, attacks itself instead.

Phantom Orchestrations (16th level): If an enemy misses you with a melee attack, you may switch places with them as a free action. If the enemy takes up a larger number of squares than you, you shift into the closest square.

Phantom Dancer Powers

Inspire Dance Phantom Dancer Attack 11

“Your foe suddenly feels an irresistible urge… to dance”“

Encounter * Arcane, Charm, Necrotic

Standard Action Close Burst 5

Target: One enemy in burst

Attack: Charisma vs. Will

Hit: 2d6 + charisma modifier necrotic damage and the target begins to dance (save ends). While dancing, a target must spend a move action each turn to dance, which provokes opportunity attacks.

Undeniable Innocence Phantom Dancer Utility 12

“You convince your opponent that your are not the foe he’s looking for”

Daily * Arcane, Charm

Immediate Interrupt Personal

Trigger: An enemy announces an attack against you

Effect: Make a Bluff check against the target’s Will defence. If you beat it, it attacks someone else. If you beat it by 10 or more, it decides not to attack.

Chaos Wake Phantom Dancer Attack 20

“You run in and out of existence, causing utter mayhem in your wake”

Daily * Arcane, Charm, Necrotic, Fear

You teleport up to 10 squares, stopping as often as you like adjacent to an enemy. Each enemy you stop adjacent to is subject to the following:

Attack: Charisma vs. Will

Hit: 2d10 necrotic damage and the target is given a mental effect. Roll 1d10 and consult the following table:

1: The target is stunned (save ends)

2-4: The target begins to dance (save ends)

5: The target is blinded (save ends)

6. The target takes ongoing 5 necrotic damage

7-9: The target is dazed (save ends)

10: The target attacks its nearest ally in range. If there is no ally in range, it takes 2d6 + your charisma modifier necrotic damage

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