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Various homebrewingnesses by His Grace Lord Flame Emperor Ozymandias Tyrian Valmoth the Third, Esquire

OZY'S BIG BOOK OF BURNINATION: Apocalyptic Arcana, Brobdingnagian Blades, Incinerating Insufflations, Preternatural Panoply, and more!

Sorcerer / Wizard

Notes To Self

  • New school of magic: BADASSERY
    • Badassery: Stick the Landing. Immediate action, land on feet and negate fall. Maybe create Stomp-like effect if Standard action is used? PBAoE knockdown? Possibly scale with distance fallen.
    • Badassery: Benchpress A Whale. Increase carrying capacity by A LOT for one round.
    • Badassery: Punch Anything. Touch attack, ignore many defenses.
    • Badassery: ???. Negate a ranged touch attack...BY PUNCHING IT. (Alt use, care:Fax : Take an AoE hit to grant cover to allies)
    • Badassery: Kick In The Door. One-shot attack, make door fly off hinges or maybe explode. Check Fist of Stone for point of reference.
    • Badassery: Stop Talking. Grab a foe by the head/face and freaking throw them like a hammer.
    • Badassery: Slow Walk. Gain Imp. Evasion against one spell?/move away from AoE center?
  • Aidan's (Burning/Flame/Incendiary) (Ghosts/Spirits/Wisps/Something). Channeled, makes controllable fire sparks, caster becomes invisible, (+incorporeal?), and immobile.
  • Lesser Meteor Swarm, with one or two single target + blast effects instead of eight or whatever.
  • One or more (effect in round 1, different effect in round 2) spells.
  • Two cylinder gravity effect; reverse in one, double in other, normal gravity in overlap area.
  • Counterdamage fire cone. Reference Fire Shield, Balor Nimbus, and Body of the Sun for baselines.
  • Array of FITAN GAEMS style spells
  • Mage's Dignity: Grants X charges, assortment of minor Coolness effects that use charges.
  • Greater Mage's Dignity: More effects for Coolness.
    • Mage's Dignity example effects: floating, spontaneous damage block, negate a single grapple, clean self/gear via prestidigitation effect, minor cosmetic effects (such as altered pigmentation, hair/robes/etc blown by "wind", glowing eyes, unique pupil shape, etc.), maintain comfortable microclimate, miscellaneous grooming
  • Fort vs eyes exploding like tiny bombs
  • Regenerating ablative TempHP barriers; each barrier has X hp, barrier shatters if it takes that much, regenerates by next round if not
  • Ground-hugging mist effect. Can get away with wider coverage than normal clouds due to limited coverage, would combo well with terrain effects like Spike Stones or Grease. Maybe let it cover holes too? Make surface cling optional?
  • Fog cloud that also grants the caster blindsight of the area within it. Larger cloud that only grants blindsense. Maybe make one spell with two options?
  • Sensory amplification spell(s) that make(s) the caster more vulnerable to negative effects from those senses, like blinding, dazzling, deafening, sickness from strong/unpleasant scents, etc.
  • Sensory reinforcement spell that protects against negative sensory effects.
  • Hmmm...maybe instead of a specific spell to make a fog cloud you can see inside of, why not a spell to give you the ability to see inside clouds? Potentially more useful, though a bit more powerful for the same reason.
  • Explosive Cascade that is also a transportation effect.
  • Stone spike, no SR, vs Reflex, swift action, very low damage and knocks opponent into the air for a moment, denying them their dex and dodge to a subsequent attack. Hm...enemies that have good touch AC tend to have good Ref saves. This needs work.
  • Lesser Wall of Stone. 'Nuff said.
  • Explosive illusory duplicate. Higher level: explosive partially real illusory duplicate.
  • Izanenael's (Hateful/Furious) Glare - Gaze attack, fire damage.
  • Chain Field. Black tentacles with less damage and more grapple, every time a target fails a grapple check the DC increases as more chains dogpile on. Allowing it to interact with Dancing Chains might be interesting.
  • Chain Spear. GET OVER HERE!
  • Soul Storm. Ref Consumptive Field for basics. Enemies with low hp save vs death, field deals damage instead of buffing caster. Can get really nasty when dealing with mooks since every dead mook makes the field grind them down faster, adding more dead mooks.
  • Fatigue/Exhaustion Cloud. Also take another look at non-cleric healing spells and/or "healing" spells like Channeled Lifetheft.
  • A spell to increase the default duration of tempHP from 1 hour to something less useless.
  • Work with Gentle Repose. Longer lasting zone effect? Headhunter's Bag item? (<- Good for collecting heads to use with Speak With Dead.)
  • Soundtrack, The most awesome (and least practical) high duration spell EVER MADE.
  • Make a series of Construct creation/control spells based on the fact that the cost and time requirements of undead vs constructs are COMPLETE BS, and either undead are vastly underpriced, or constructs are vastly overpriced.
  • Shamelessly rip off Ramen Days gdoc for spell/prc ideas. That Path of the Bleeding Hand is enough to make Gram almost smile but not quite because he NEVER SMILES.
  • TRAP FIELD! Take a look at that lame rune trap field spell, and the fire berry (more like Remote Explosives) spell.
  • ...Remote Explosives spell!
  • Puppet Summons that have to be controlled with the caster's actions. The trade-off is that if you spend the actions to make the summon effective, you are left vulnerable, and if you use actions for yourself, the puppet is idle (maybe only capable of limited actions, rather than wholly immobile?). Or perhaps the puppet must be CRAFTED and the spell is used to control it. Hm. Having the whole thing be a spell would be less complicated, but keep the crafted puppet option in mind.
  • No Escape: A spell to negate teleportation and extraplanar travel for a short time. Just say "NO" to recurring villains that only escape because they teleport away at the last second. Ref Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock, Forbiddance. Maybe an immediate action that delays the teleport for one round, and if the caster dies in the interim the teleport doesn't activate? And on that note...
  • Un-Teleport: Reverse a teleport that happened in the last round, because screw runaway mages. NOTE: May interact oddly with Plane Shift if the plane has different time scales. Gral suggests emergency time sync; would need restriction to casting the spell, otherwise could be abused. Maybe require that it be cast Immediately, making the sync moot, and adding a 1 round daze as a cost?
  • Play around with Earth Reaver (the actually-useful one from SS, not the junk one from SpC)
  • Aidan's Easy Fireball: It's better than a normal fireball at the same level! Too bad it burns the caster.
  • Reference ongoing damage zone spells to improve the wording on Aidan's Arcane Napalm.
  • Rage manipulation: cause, spread, augment, consume, etc. Maybe a spell to harvest rage effects in a PBAoE to grant the caster superior rage based on the number of consumed effects?
  • Make sure to use the pun "ARSONal" at least once.
  • Venom bullets, venom storm, venom bolt (actually I think that last one already exists)
  • Poke of Doom: 5ft shove, extremely hard to resist.
  • Magma Web. Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Explosive Mirror Image. It's still a shell game, but now the other shells are full of C4.
  • Actually why not make a whole range of explosive illusions. Evocation and Illusion are the new chocolate and peanut butter.
  • Blood damage effect. Cause external blood to inflict damage (presumably something like 1d6/round per 10hp the target has missing), cause already-active blood spells such as Avascular Mass to deal damage per round based on spell level.
  • Cloud that stops natural healing and makes magical healing more difficult (or impossible; check that one spell that creates a school-specific AMF).
  • Spell to temporarily transfer the caster's Fast Healing ability to a target. (Or from target to caster, or target to target? Multiple spells or just one? Probably too specialized for multiple, would screw over spont casters and prep casters alike.) (Maybe make it apply to other special healing qualities too, like Regeneration? Stealing a troll's regen in combat and transferring it to the tank is a recipe for hilarity. Perhaps too much hilarity? Troll regen is immensely powerful. Must consider further.)
  • A spell to inject shadow stuff into SOMEONE ELSE'S illusion, inflicting some negative effect. Intended for use against enemies using personal-range illusions such as invis or disguise, changing it into a body-cloaking damage effect, disable, whatever. Figure out specifics later. Inspired by X-Zone. :D
  • Consume Magic. Dispel and Greater Dispel but with personal positive effects as a result of success, based on the number of spell levels dispelled.
  • Damage reallocation. Blocking part of an attack and redirecting that damage into other targets. Maybe something like that one spelltouched feat that redirects lightning?
  • Direct HP transfer from self to target. Necromancy without the retarded OMG Necromancy Is Teh Evulz nonsense? Yes please.
  • Ash spells. All kinds of fun here. Con damage from inhalation, suffocation, burning from cinders (volcanic ash), obscuring sight, etc.
  • Make an Incendiary Cloud that isn't GARBAGE. Level 8 for a 4d6/round Ref-for-half cloud that can be dissipated with no opposed roll by a level 2 wind spell? Please. You can't Ref your way out of a damage cloud any more than you can Ref your way out of getting wet while submerged in a pond. If Cloudkill offers no Ref save, Incendiary Cloud offers no Ref save. Acid Fog doesn't allow a save! It doesn't even allow SR! AND it gets the wind resistance and super slow effects from Solid Fog!
  • Side note to self: don't forget to do the character themed spell sets.
  • More nonlethal disabling spells, like taser lightning.
  • Spells that inflict subtle damage, such as internal damage.
  • Delayed damage effects for piling damage up or giving the attacker time to evade suspicion. For instance, damage that takes effect one round after the spell is cast, allowing the caster to casually walk away.
  • Venom Metamag to add poison to water and acid spells? Or just a spell that uses an immediate to buff the water/acid spell in question as it's cast.
  • Metamag or spell to add slashing damage to air spells based on their spell level.
  • Spells to obtain, preserve, and/or use poison, so that it's not a colossal waste of money. And change the effects, because having a poison that takes effect instantly and then does something else ten rounds later is fine for one specific poison, but having them all behave that exact way is STUPID. Didn't pathfinder do something with poisons? Check that out for ideas.
  • More acid too. A cloud of CONJURED acid fog shouldn't do acid damage, it should do acid damage AND cause blindness AND subject you to the penalties for inhaling acid fumes. Make some better acid spells.
  • Temporary customizeable construct summoning. Think Astral Construct, but less heavy tank and more precision tool. For instance, a flyer that can be loaded with a dose of poison or a potion and commanded to inject a target with it.
  • Know what's friggin' awesome but no one ever uses? Those X of the Mage feats. Like the one that lets you know when someone speaks your name within a wide WIDE range.
  • More spell interaction, ex: dust cloud spell that can be detonated by fire spell, or "if you're pinned down by Metal Spike Cannon, you don't get a reflex save against This Lightning Spell". Will need work to balance usefulness, not too much effort but not too powerful.
  • Spell that makes four 5x5x(10? 15?)ft stone pillars connected by lightning walls. Would result in extra hilarity if used in a narrow corridor since the pillars would hold the enemy inside the DoT zone.
  • "Eating Stuff" PrC. Swallow Whole, eat magic, eat souls, fun times for all. Combine with Bestial PrC? Make consumption a branch for the skill tree?
  • Swift action spell that covers approach. Set-up for charge without danger of AoO? Consider enemy flat-footed against attack? Consider further.
  • Ozy's "proprietary form" effect: any attempt to adopt the caster's form via magic results in (failure of the effect? painful backlash?). Needs a lot more detailing to bring it in-line with established power ranges. Cool idea, tough to make work.
  • Ozy's signature effect: an arcane mark that is unique to the caster and cannot be forged or replicated. But how? Active prevention? Some property of the mark itself? A lower powered version would have an attempt to reproduce it or forge it set off a beacon telling the owner of the mark where the attempt happened. Again, cool idea, tough details.
  • Grab enemy, make whirlwind attack with them, then use them as a thrown weapon (or a line attack! :D)
  • Hell Grenade: A projectile that splits into five smaller ones once it reaches the target point.
  • Hell Grenade Grenade: A projectile that splits into five Hell Grenades once it reaches the target point.
  • Spell that forces poisoned enemies to immediately save vs the poison's secondary effect.
  • Need more Earth, Air, and Water spells. Control Winds is very under appreciated, and higher level versions could have all kinds of fun effects. For instance, an acidic venomous tornado. Tumbling people around and keeping them from escaping the effect while hitting them with inhaled toxins and acid burns. A burning tornado would be visually impressive. A tornado of snow that freezes things solid over time would also be useful.
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