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Minion Template


The opposite of a champion, a minion is a creature that is intended to be thrown at the PCs in massive numbers, more as shock troops than as real obstacles. This template is designed to be applicable on the fly and create easy-to-run creatures that can be sent in mobs at the PCs and be mowed down by them. Minions are at their best when accompanying one or a few more powerful troops, acting as distractions and support for more elite warriors and leaders.

Keep in mind that the difficulty of a minion encounter can depend wildly on the type of creature those minions are. Minions who are capable of ranged attacks or spellcasting tend to be much more powerful than those who are not. In addition, the capabilities of the PCs (like whether or not they can mass fireball the minions away) can skew things as well. When in doubt, it's probably best to limit the template to weak melee grunts (like hobgoblin warriors and bugbear fighters), at least until you get a measure of how the PCs handle them.

Creating a Minion

Minion is an acquired template that can be applied to any creature.

Size and Type

Does not change.

Hit Dice

Does not change.


Does not change.

Armor Class

Does not change.


The minion's attack bonus does not change.


The minion's damage bonus does not change.

Special Attacks

The minion gains no forms of special attack.

Special Qualities

The minion gains the following special qualities:
Paper Thin (Ex):
Whenever a minion takes one or more points of damage, it immediately goes to -10 HP and dies. Minions are often slaughtered by heroes in droves.
Minimum Resistance (Ex):
All damage dealt to a minion is automatically reduced by an amount equal to the minion's HD. This reduction applies after all other damage prevention effects, such as damage reduction and energy resistances.
Evasion (Ex):
A minion who succeeds on a Reflex save for half damage takes no damage instead. This is equivalent to the rogue's Evasion class feature.


The minion gains a +3 bonus to Reflex saves.


Does not change.


Does not change.


Minions gain Mobility as a bonus feat, even if they don't qualify.


Does not change.


As normal.


Normal creature's CR - 4


This template is not intended for player use.
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