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There is a great divide as to whether one should build with the idea of fluff, or character idea and background, in mind or to build to be mechanically powerful. To further the divide, ordered multiclassing is discouraged with the standard leveling system. Your story may be perfect for starting as a Barbarian - but that is almost entirely inferior to have actually started as a rogue of which you are multiclassing into anyways. This is a variant to the standard starting point of characters as well as a the entire leveling process for skills and feats.


Fluffy Skills

In this variant there are a number of skills and feats labeled as 'Fluff'. These skills and feats become more available and open to your characters during creation and leveling. Fluff skills in this system still fall under the boundaries of the class and cross-class system. A character starts with 4 fluff skill points (described below) no matter which class they choose. At each level after the character gains an additional 2 fluff skill points. Fluff skill points may only be used toward the gain of fluff skills and not into alternative uses such as skill tricks and are also unaffected by stats such as a high intelligence score.

The fluff skills are standard skills with a simple label of 'fluff' added to them. Normal skill points may still be used on these skills. Fluff skill points have to be used on these skills. The following are the fluff skills:

  • Appraise
  • Craft
  • Decipher Script
  • Disguise
  • Forgery
  • Knowledge
  • Perform
  • Profession
  • Speak Language

Fluffy Feats

At 1st, 5th, and every 5 levels thereafter, a character gains a fluff feat. Just as fluff skills, fluff feats may be obtained via normal feat slots as well. If one is to obtain both a regular feat and a fluff feat during the same level (such as 1st level) the fluff feat is obtained first. The following are fluff feats:

In addition to the above any feat that is restricted to 1st level only is considered a fluff feat as well. These feats still may only be obtained at 1st level. Also, any feat that is restricted to a particular race, region, pact, code, or vow is considered a fluffy feat.

Adjusted Humans and Half-elves

Humans and half-elves, under this system, are slightly modified to put them more on par to other races. Humans, an already attractively powerful race for the bonus feat, loses the extra feat and instead gains an additional 4 fluff points at 1st level, with an additional 1 fluff point at each level thereafter. Half-elves, a rather weak race in comparison to the standard races available, gain 2 extra fluff skill points at 1st level, and an additional 1 at every even numbered level after. These changes are to better adjust humans away from the plethora of feats they would've been gaining without significant loss and to bolster the appeal of the half-elves, a rather inferior race.

Base Hit Points

To both further encourage the more open allowance of multiclassing and to improve upon the abilities of 1st level PCs as to not let them die in a single random critical, base hp is introduced. A 1st level PC begins with 10 hit points in addition to their normal class or racial hit die. The 1st hit die, in this case, is not maxed as would normally occur for 1st level.

Base Skill Points

As base hit points, base skill points are also intended to encourage the arrangement of multiclassing. Instead of starting with x4 skill points for a characters first level, they instead start with 24 skill points in addition to the normal amount of skill points their class gains at each level to spend anywhere.

Everyone's a Diplomat

Diplomacy is a skill that is extremely subjective to the gamemaster and who's power and allowance are also considerably questionable. It's a skill that can be surpassed by use of player wit and at other times not used at all. In other cases, it can be focused upon and abused in its entire. This subvariant removes the diplomacy skill altogether and replaces it in its stead with a diplomacy action. The DC works as Rich Burlew's diplomacy variant, however, the using character's diplomacy check is equal to their hit die + 2x their Charisma modifier. This both heightens the value of Charisma and assumes diplomacy into each character, as well as allow the warrior to do some needed speaking.

Also, under this variant, class features and most feats do not enhance diplomacy. A character may no longer choose diplomacy for a skill focus and any prestige class, skill tricks, feat or similar that requires diplomacy or skill focus (diplomacy) as an entry requirement has that requirement removed. Bluff still provides a +2 synergy bonus to diplomacy and negotiator still provides a +2 bonus.

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