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The Muses

The Muses are the four primary deities of Marranarch. However, they rarely interact with Marranarch itself, instead choosing to use Intermediaries (seen below) to interact with Marranarch and its inhabitants. Very few people (if any) worship the Muses directly, instead choosing to worship Intermediaries.

The four Muses are:

The Intermediaries

Name Alignment Rank Aspect Primary
Domains Symbol
Agni True Neutral Intermediate Alteration Fire Fire, Knowledge, Destruction, Healing Lit torch
Beltet True Neutral Greater Organization Knowledge Knowledge, Magic, Spell, Trade Unrolled scroll
Callador Neutral Evil Intermediate Alteration Hatred Hatred, Suffering, Metal, Retribution Prepared guillotine
Cruxio Lawful Evil Greater Destruction War War, Evil, Law, Nobility Iron gauntlet
Earth-Mother True Neutral Intermediate Creation Earth Earth, Travel, Protection, Russiti Tree on globe
Erymethea Lawful Good Greater Organization Hearth Family, Good, Air, Kar Fireplace
Esselli Lawful Good Lesser Alteration Psionics Mentalism, Renewal, Good, Ameena Butterfly
Helifax Neutral Evil Greater Organization Time Time, Evil, Planning, Moon Empty Hourglass
Helios Neutral Good Greater Alteration Time Time, God, Celerity, Sun Full hourglass
Horjin Neutral Good Greater Destruction Hunt Hunt, Animal, Celerity, Strength Tiger's Eye
Krevore Chaotic Good Lesser Organization Caverns Cavern, Mentalism, Family, Dromite Crystal shard
Leviatan Neutral Intermediate Organization Ocean Ocean, Water, Storm, Animal Anglerfish
Lord Winter Chaotic Evil Greater Organization Ice Air, Water, Devil, Destruction Snowflake
Malystyxx Chaotic Evil Intermediate Creation Undeath Undeath, Death, War, Moon Skull and scythe
Maunev Neutral Evil Lesser Destruction Plague Plague, Evil, Suffering Destruction Tombstone with flowers
M'oll Chaotic Good Intermediate Alteration Weather Storm, Air, Water, Travel Lightning Bolt
Mors Lawful Neutral Greater Destruction Death Death, Fate, Time, Law Six interlocking rings
Nadoriel Chaotic Evil Lesser Alteration Subterfuge Trickery, Darkness, Moon, Elf Crescent Moon
Nelig True Neutral Intermediate Organization Animals Animal, Protection, Strength, War Wolf fang
Ontet Neutral Good Lesser Creation Crafting Craft, Metal, Strength, Dwarf Shield
Raghnialt Lawful Neutral Greater Alteration Magic Death, Magic, Air, War Starlit Sky
Raynor Lawful Good Lesser Alteration Justice Retribution, Protection, Law, Good Shortsword
Rezzet Chaotic Neutral Intermediate Alteration Luck Luck, Illusion, Halfling, Gnome Heads-up Coin
Sheldoreen Lawful Evil Lesser Organization Tyranny Charm, Nobility, Scalykind, Tyranny Black crown
Sherevine Chaotic Good Lesser Alteration Freedom Goblin, Illusion, Mentalism, Trickery White crown
Solomirathius Chaotic Evil Intermediate Organization Dragons Chaos, Dragon, Evil, Fire Burning scale
Steena Lawful Evil Intermediate Organization Ice Elf, Ice, Law, Water Iceberg
Viviantia Neutral Good Greater Creation Plants Grippli, Healing, Plant, Renewal Glowing leaf
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