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Lands of Marranarch

Map of Marranarch Marranarch Nationality Feats

Gressentan Continent


Mischima is largely populated by the elven race. It is ruled by an imperial matriarchy, though recently males have come into more prominent ruling positions throughout the government. The lands of Mischima (taking up the entirety of an large island by the same name) are heavily wooded and populated sparsely. In fact, most settlements within Mischima are integrated into the forests themselves, either utilizing the tree's branches or carving into the tree itself. More advanced settlements use special magics to shape the trees without harming them.


Heliosunde is a recent development on the Gressentan continent. Modern Heliosunde began some hundred years ago as a small city-state on the border between Lusitania and Gressent. Gressent decided that it wanted the territory that Heliosunde had and sent troops in to take it by force. The Heliosundians fought back admirably, but were losing the battle until a gnome by the name of Haftor Garnetdust revealed to the Heliosundian military a new weapon for them to use. Unlike most weapons the Heliosundians (and indeed, the world) used in warfare, the weapon worked off of neither manpower nor magic. Instead, it ran off of a steam engine.

The churches of Heliosunde declared heresy, but the military struck forward, adapting the steam engine (or "steng", as it came to be called colloquially) to a variety of tasks. Heliosunde not only kept their ground but crushed Gressent, converting the troops that weren't killed by their innovations to their side. The Gressenti gave up to Heliosunde when the Heliosundian army threatened the Gressenti capital of Ullix. Heliosunde took over the Gressenti empire as it's own and continues to this day to refine the "steng" to new means.


Lusitania has, over the course of history, somehow remained in obscurity. It exists, but no notable achievements, inventions, or other improvements on the world at large have ever escaped its borders.


Enherjer is a volcanic island populated largely by dwarves who have carved the now-dormant volcanoes into a great underground city. A few of the volcanoes remain active, and the dwarves use them to heat their forges and create magnificent arms and armor. Enherjer also has bustling trade with Heliosunde: the Heliosundians need masterworked machine parts, while the Enherjer like money and can benefit just as much from the steng as the Heliosundians. They are currently experimenting with geothermics.


The isle of Prynn is populated in quantity by halflings and gnomes. The two races seem to get along well, and the loose governance structure of the island only improves the general atmosphere. Though still volcanic like its sister island Enherjer, Prynn's volcanoes are long dormant and lush tropical foliage has taken over. There are parts of Prynn that have yet to be seen by human (or gnomish or halfling) eyes.

Mastacian Continent


Segovia has long warred with the Empire of Mastaci to the south. The advent of Mastaci's warmages pushed the Segovians further back than ever before. A cease-fire was called ten years ago and remains in effect to this day, though the no-man's land is not a happy place to be. It is rumored that the Segovians are biding their time until they can find some way to retaliate and crush Mastaci once and for all.


The Empire of Mastaci is a gigantic empire taking up most of the continent of the same name. It has a strict governing structure and includes mandatory military service of all of its citizens. Foreign nationals are prejudiced and are legally not allowed any rights whatsoever. Despite being a bleak and depressing place to live, Mastaci spreads outward, encroaching on Segovia and Vankett. However, their formerly unmatched mages are finding some difficulty in living up to the legends (and the actualities).


Alocath is fighting a defensive war against no-one. Fear of Mastacian expansion has caused the Alocathi to refine (and redefine) their defenses again and again. Every shore is populated with ballistae and catapults, and most members of the society serve in the military for some time. Alocathi also tend to be highly xenophobic.


Due south of Mastaci, Vankett is still reeling from the rampant destruction of the Mastacians on their lands two hundred and fifty years ago. Their capital city, Vantris, as well as three other large trade cities were literally removed from the map by the Mastacian army's mages. Vankett retaliated with what strength it could manage, but it ended up about half the size it once was. Right after the "Consolidation"--what the government called "retreating"--the lands of Valkut and Dunn splintered off and made their own communities. Bleeding and broken, the empire of Vankett could do nothing but watch.


Based around the ideals of a government led by the intelligent, Valkut forgot to take into account that intelligence doesn't equate care for the common man and quickly installed a tyrannical leader. The militaries of Valkut are training, but for the most part can't match up to anything else in their area, largely due to the tyranny of the government.


Dunn survives as a small mining community and has an absurd amount of trade with Enherjer. Beyond that, the Dunni do very little.

Phoenician Continent


The Phoenician continent is so named for its shape: that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ancient Phoenicia used to rule the world as the most powerful and influential nation, but the advent of both Heliosunde and Mastaci in recent times--coupled with a string of bad Emperors in Phoenicia--has caused Phoenicia to fade to a shadow of its former self. The government of Phoenicia is that of a feudal empire.

Downtrodden Isle

Downtrodden Isle is a strange combination of lava rock and marshlands. How exactly this came about, no one is sure. The Grippli make their home here, and the Blues used to before moving northwards into Phoenicia (specifically, the Barony of Atarcy). It is rumored that the Mischiman elves once had a religious center on the Downtrodden Isle, but the rumors are unconfirmed.

Lucavan Continent


Vespasia is a large country governed by a senate--the only nation of its kind in all of Marranarch: most other nations are imperial or feudal (or both). The mountain range that separates Vespasia from Praetoria is populated with ancient dwarven ruins that remain rather largely unexplored.


Praetoria is a small country in the south of the Lucavan continent. Seeing how it is simply a confederation of city-states, it's governing procedures vary widely within its territory. Most of the country is very cold due to its proximity to the south pole.


Nerronea is, for the most part, snowy alpine forests. The northern bits of it are rather warm in parts, though for the most part the nation is cold. The very loose government for the country consists mostly of tribal meetings and unwritten law. Each nomadic tribe has a different focus, a different totem, and a different prey.


Arboria used to be part of the Lucavan continent until magical warfare between Mastaci and Vespasia destroyed the thin strip of land that connected the island to the continent mainland. After the war ended (in a stalemate), relations between Vespasia and Arboria crumbled. The Arborians revolted and proclaimed their independence, with a government focused on rebuilding the ruined lands. "Arboria" actually took it's name from "arbor", due to the lush greenery that was to populate the island within a short time after the country's independence. That being said, the island is largely desert, with a ring of steep mountains against its southwestern shores. Most of the inhabitants of the island are human, though there are some half-orcs and elves in the population as well.

Crabclaw Continent


Fenris is a desert island with a population of fierce xenophobic survivalists. There are some traders who go to the island on a regular basis, but it is profitable just as often as it isn't. Usually, whatever goes into Fenris doesn't come out again.


Anneloth is at the pinnacle of a magical renaissance. Whenever you hear a story about a new spell or a great wizard, nineteen times out of twenty the origin will be Anneloth. Many people attribute Anneloth's magical prowess and the nation's prosperity to it's capital, Everway, which contains gates to a number of other planes. Anneloth uses those gates to trade with other planes on a regular basis.


Delvenus remains in envy of it's more magically adept, wealthy, and prosperous neighbor, Anneloth, but it does have a few tales of its own. Delvenusian academies train some of Marranarch's best (and in fact probably the only) psions. Only recently has psionic aptitude begun to spread, and Delvenus hopes to use this new access to power as a way to increase their own pocketbooks.

Non-Territorial Entities


The Gressenti people, being displaced by the Heliosundians, are now a nomadic seafaring people who harry the Heliosundians whenever they can. Some are merchants. Most, however, have become pirates.

Races of Marranarch

Player Character Races

  • Blue
  • Dromite
  • Human
  • Halfling
  • Gnome
  • Kobold

Nonstandard Player Character Races

Classes on Marranarch

Player Character Classes

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorceror
  • Wizard

Nonstandard Player Character Classes

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