Maorn's Abyss

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A dark, sinister plane, Maorn’s Abyss touches the Astral Plane as an open, lightless cave mouth. Once one enters the cave, the passage suddenly turns into a smooth, barren rock wall. You cannot return the way you came. Inside, the cavern is illuminated, and unimaginable horrors appear to you. Maorn is a god of death and torture, and this cave is his body pit. It is here that horrid serpents eat the victims alive from the inside every day. If you fall into the pit, you are considered dead. If you do not fall, you must run across narrow stone bridges, battling various devils for dear life (quite literally). The only way out is to cross the pit, at which time you reappear in the Astral Plane. Horrible things happen to those who have entered, so much so that they are quite probably cursed…

Maorn’s Abyss has the following traits:

· Light gravity. In the pit, there is heavy gravity.

· Flowing time. One day in the Material Plane is counted as two in the Abyss.

· Alterable morphic. The pit is static; you cannot save the victims.

· Earth dominant. Everything outside of the cavern is an infinite length of earth.

· Strongly lawful-aligned and strongly evil-aligned.

· Minor negative-dominant. Living creatures take 1D6 damage per round.

· Impeded magic. You do not need to make a spellcraft check to cast evil spells.

· Special: All damage dealt to living things in the plane counts as nonlethal. As such, you cannot die until you have been thrown into the pit.

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