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It is as it sounds- Madman’s World is a plane of pure and utter insanity. The full extent of this reality-or lack thereof-could only be described by experience. I shall do my best to cover as much of this son-of-a-gibbering-mouther realm as I am capable. The realm is an infinite abyss of white, with objects-any objects, even living things-floating for eternity. Unsurprisingly, this realm is filled to the brim with all manner of twisted beings that reflect this plane’s twisted nature. I believe “gibbering mouther” was mentioned…

Madman’s World has the following traits:

· Variable strength gravity. See the table below. In addition, the plane has objective directional gravity; any given object has a gravitational field that draws in objects half the size of (or less than) the object. In short, object has gravity pull on object 50% or less size. If there are no objects within 20 feet of the subject, then they move as with subjective directional gravity until they come within 20 feet of a large object.

· Erratic Time, re-roll every 24 hours spent in the realm. Time may speed or slow while you’re in the plane.

· Sentient. The World has a mind of its own, and may make anything from an amphitheatre stage to a giant purple dagger. Truly, this place is insane… In addition, the World speaks Auran and likes to be called Penny. Even though it has a male voice…

· No Elemental or Energy Traits (Though the plane may choose to change that)

· Infinite. The World just… Continues… For eternity…

· Strongly chaos-aligned, and it has the tendency to act evil…

· Wild magic.

· Dead magic. Law-aligned spells do not function in Madman’s World. Go figure.

Roll D% to determine gravity’s pull on a given subject. Every twenty four hours, the pull of gravity may change. Note that this effect remains until either A) it changes or B) the subject leaves the realm. Gravity Strength 1-30 Light 31-60 Normal 61-90 Heavy 91+ Re-Roll

A few quotes from Penny, the mentally unstable plane…

“I once a boiled man pig food gem get greeny!!!”

“I am a god! Do your best to drink the word!”

“I like my blood with sugar, thank you.”


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