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In the shadow of 7

Lueryth, the greatest nation on the plane of Govalesh, owes much to the Great Council of Magi. They provide wisdom unto their leaders, hope unto the people and strength unto its armies. Yet for all they offer, they bring a great stagnation to the magics of the realm. Since time nearly immemorial they have stomped out all other magicians, save the solitary sorcerers. Now with the influence of the council slipping, those magi hedged out by their influence seek to regain the prominence so unjustly taken.

The history of Lueryth and the history of the Great Council or Magi is hopelessly intertwined. During the Unification Wars, various tribes and groups of magicians struggled for supremacy across the continent now named for the nation that occupies it. The Dragon blooded Chieftain, Lueryg, struck a pact with 10 groups of magi. This group with it's unified front gathered may tribes under it's banners, and as the wars dragged on other groups of Magi where absorbed, dissolved or driven into hiding. Leaving behind the Council, independent sorcerers, priests and druids. The wizards were the most powerful group but given the very inherent nature of sorcery and the difficulty to track down thousands individual practitioners, decided that these arts did not offend them, but any other group (without religious sanction) was exterminated. Those with the foresight fled the continent swearing vows of vengence, and promising to return to Lueryth when the council showed it's weakness. Within 5 generations the 10 orders where already reducing their numbers. The leading group, the order of the wanderer, slew a brother order, the order of embodiment, to the man, and destroyed or hid all reference source of the powers of either group. When their bloody work was complete they sent a letter to the other eight urging them to dissolve the council, and the wanderers set about dissapearing. They remain in the nation to this day as strange hermits rarely seen by others. The order of the seneschal and the order of the tome stepped up to fill the void of leadership, and performed well that function. thousands of generations later, after decades of debate, the Order of Dusk left the council and the whole order plunged into chaos, without the order of dusk to act as enforcers, they could not maintain their stranglehold on the continent, and the lost magicians, now refered to as the traditions stepped back into the picture and Lueryth is in chaos. The blood of the dragon runs thin in the royalty and nobility, where it does not, inbreeding has lead to a specific madness, and uncontrolled magical outbursts.

Where Classes fit

Council Courtmages Archivists] summoners Mutationists Warmages Beguilers Dread Necromancers

Defunct Wujen Incarnates Duskblade

The rest remains under construction

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