Kolumakan Racial Feats

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These feats are designed for players of races of Kolumakan descent, such as the Haukea, the Hekiliao, the Leilani, or the Kaimana.

Genetic Mutation

Prerequisites: Haukea, Hekiliao, Leilani, or Kaimana of 1 HD

Benefit: Your third eye has the second listed power of one other Kolumakan race (Haukea, Hekiliao, Leilani, or Kaimana) in addition to your own. It shares the same limited duration of your existing power.

Normal: Your third eye only has one power.

Strong Lineage

Prerequisites: Haukea, Hekiliao, Leilani, or Kaimana of 1 HD, Wisdom 15, Charisma 15

Benefit: Your third eye's second listed power is replaced with an antimagic ray, akin to that of a beholder. This ray is beholden to the limits and duration of your previous power, but does not have its normal effect. Instead, all magic caught within its area (a 15' cone) are affected as if within an antimagic field.

Normal: Your third eye has its normal listed power.

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