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Joan of Arf!

Female Worg Paladin 1

LG Magical Beast

Init +1 (+1 Dex); Senses Darkvision 60ft., Lowlight Vision, Scent, Listen +4, Spot +4

Languages Common, Worg

AC 19 (10 +1 Dex +2 Natural Armour +6 Armour), touch 11, flat-footed 12

Hp 38 (5d10+15)

Fort +9 (+3 Con +4 Worg +2 Paladin), Ref +5 (+1 Dex +4 Worg), Will +3 (+2 Wis +1 Worg)

Spd 35 ft. (armour reduction)

Melee Bite +9 (+4 Str +5 BAB) 1d6+6 dam (+4 Str * 1.5)

Base Atk +5 (+4 Worg +1 Paladin), Grp +9 (+5 BAB +4 Str) (see flaw)

Combat Options Trip, Smite evil 1/day

Combat Gear Masterwork banded barding

Abilities Str 20 (14+6), Dex 12 (8+4), Con 16 (12+4), Int 12 (16-4), Wis 14 (10+4), Cha 18 (18+0)

SQ Aura of Good, Detect Evil

Traits Absent-Minded (+1 Knowledge, -1 Spot/Listen), Honest (+1 Diplomacy, -1 Bluff/Sense Motive)

Flaws Honorable Challenge (-4 penalty if opponent has not offered a challenge or attacked first)

Feats Alertness, Track, Power Attack

Skills Bluff 2 (N/A rank -1 trait +3 Cha), Diplomacy +5 (1 rank +3 Cha +1 trait), Hide +0 (2 ranks +1 Dex +2 racial -5 armour), Knowledge: Religion +3 (1 rank +1 Int +1 Feat), Listen +5 (2 rank +2 Wis +1 racial -1 trait), Move Silently +1 (4 ranks +1 Dex +1 racial -5 armour), Sense Motive +2 (1 rank +2 Wis -1 trait), Spot +3 (1 rank +2 Wis +1 racial -1 trait), Survival +4/+8 (2 ranks +2 Wis +4 racial when tracking by scent)

LA +1

Equipment Blackened, segmented plate (masterwork; neck & leg straps to step/squirm into; also includes a loop or 2 to attach bags); Heward’s Handy Haversack (has this changed from the 3.0 DMG?) OR bag of holding to hold what little wealth she might have left (maybe a few apples).


Hook "Can't we all just learn to get along???"

Joan of Arf! is a worg whose coat turned silver one day after seeing a vision of Ehlonna. Afterward, she asked their surrogate elven pack leader, Keagyn, if she could learn to be a protector of nature for Ehlonna. She seemed to lack the talen of her druidic sister, so Keagyn pulled a few strings with past friends who had strong ties to the Academy for Paladinic Learning.

While at school, Joan learned the hard way how some creatures are unable to deal with evil. For an act of vengeance against evil, she asked for help from her instructor and brought down the worg companion of an evil spellcaster. Fearing that she had betrayed the positive image of worgs she had worked so hard to achieve, she fled the academy and has return to her pack to continue the fight against evil at their side. She was given a Heward's Handy Haversack as a parting gift, as well as the nonmagical armour of the worg (this last was her request).

Joan often doubts herself, but finds reassurance in her faith and in her family, including the newly-adopted members. She wears the evil worg's armour as a daily reminder of her mission in the world.

Joan, Progressive Build

In progress...

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