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1184 Years Ago

  • Nu born.

~400 Years Ago

  • Devil's Mouth & Toppled Peak are "called" to the Verra Isles from the Nine Hells and Limbo respectively.

147 Years Ago

  • Alanar born.

40 Years Ago

  • Nu's son Leoshin born.

28 Years Ago

  • An infant Megara is found alive in a burnt manor by the Kraken Knight while he's pillaging a Lecian citystate. The Knight considers her tentacles a blessing from the kraken and adopts her.

25 Years Ago

  • Korot born.

22 Years Ago

  • Archdevil Granckus discovers the portal from the Nine Hells to the Devil's Mouth.

21 Years Ago

  • Nu helps Leoshin escape the Nine Hells through the Devil's Mouth, depositing him in the Verra Isles.

18 Years Ago

  • The Half-Breeds adventuring party gets together for the first time.

17 Years Ago

  • The Kid born.
  • R'ol born.

16 Years Ago

  • Alanar is sent to the Verra Isles to train under the gnoll druid Chekarr.

15 Years Ago

  • Archdevil Granckus prepares to conquer the world by having his devils & cultists clear out any resistance on West Verra Isle.
  • Numerous good & neutral outsiders are pulled into the Verra Isles along with the devils traveling through the portal. Most of them fight against the devils, severely hampering the Archdevil's progress.
  • Most of the humanoid tribes on West Verra Isle, include R'ol's, flee to the main Verra Isle, inciting a war that starts among the pressed humanoid tribes but eventually turns into a fight between the tribes & Granckus's forces.
  • Alanar & a young R'ol meet for the first time when Chekarr helps R'ol's tribe find refuge.
  • A celestial manages to flee the Verra Isles and find the Half-Breeds. They accept his request to help stop the Archdevil.
  • The Half-Breeds travel through the Verra Isles, befriending a hobgoblin tribe, the local druids, and the githzerai of Toppled Peak and helping them fight off the Archdevil's minions.
  • Leoshin joins the Half-Breeds to help them kill the Archdevil.

14 Years Ago

  • Archdevil Granckus killed by the Half-Breeds at Devil's Mouth, ending his plot to conquer the world.
  • Nu's son Leoshin killed battling Archdevil Granckus with the Half-Breeds.
  • Bellflower hitches a ride on the Half-Breeds's boat back to civiliation to explore the world outside Verra Island.
  • Nu flees from Hell and ends up in this world.
  • The Half-Breeds are granted ownership of the Verra Isles by the coastal nation of Balinas & the elven colony of Fayune for destroying Granckus.

10 Years Ago

  • The Half-Breeds return to the Verra Isles prepared to clear them of hostiles and establish a nation. They have brought an army and numerous adventurers with them by promising them land in addition to payment.
  • The nation of Verra signs an alliance with a hobgoblin tribe in the north they befriended on their previous trip to the Verra Isles, providing them with reinforcements and intel about the Verra Isles' inhabitants.

9 Years Ago

  • The nation of Verra signs an alliance with the githzerai of Toppled Peak. Toppled Peak becomes the primary Verran outpost in southern Verra.
  • The Half-Breeds kill the last hostile dragon on the Verra Isles.
  • Korot begins training under his strange, visiting mentor.

8 Years Ago

  • The last hostile humanoid tribe is driven south of the Issun River.

7 Years Ago

  • Verra officially established.
  • Work begins on the cathedral to Bahamut in New Dallos.

6 Years Ago

  • Dwarven & Elven Architects Guilds established.
  • Dozens of architects migrate to Verra to help construct Calipor, Verra's future capital.
  • The architects also develop a plan for New Dallos's growth. It is the most successful joint effort between the 2 Architects Guilds.

5 Years Ago

  • Construction completed on Tritherion's first public church in New Dallos.

3 Years Ago

  • A tribe of wandering half-orcs arrives in Verra and begins roaming the Uncivilized South, cooperating with Toppled Peak to keep the hostile tribes in check.

2 Years Ago

  • R'ol's tribe allies with Verra, settles near the mountain range to the south. R'ol becomes an Irregular in New Dallos to establish gnolls as legitimate citizens.

1 Year Ago

  • Lillindra, drow High Priestess of Elistraee, convinces the Verran government to take in exiled drow. Thousands of drow arrive from hidden conclaves to settle in Verra, forming the most populous drow region aboveground.


  • The party gets together and starts throwing down all sorts of shit.
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